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Vanity Vase: 7 Ways to Decorate with Vases

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Have you been thinking of ways to change the look of your room? Consider investing in a variety of vases. Vases are a great way to change the ambiance of the room in no time. Decorated with plants or flowers, vases bring a life to a room. Here, we have listed few vases that can bring a vast difference in the way your room looks.

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1 Over-sized vase for the front door
Get an over-sized vase, preferably in a single colour and place it near the front door. This adds a dash of liveliness to the space and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere before you step into the home. The air will feel fresher too.

2 Two symmetrical vases
To create a feature element, place two symmetrical vases against a wall or flat surface. This will create a sense of visual order. It is not necessary that you have to put flowers or plants in the vases. You can keep them empty as well.

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3 Floor vase at the corner of the living room
If you have a cozy corner in your living room, place a floor vase at one side. You can keep an indoor plant in the vase. This will make the room look fuller. If you want to add a glitz to the room, go for a shiny vase in silver or golden.

4 Creating a natural wall
For separating an open kitchen or you want to separate the living area from the dining area, you can put a few transparent glass vases and fill them up with flowers or plants. This will give the look of a natural wall to the room helping you to separate the two areas. The green will also add a touch of life to both the living spaces.

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5 Unique vases
To bring variety to a hallway, a unique looking vase creates a strong focal point. This especially looks beautiful if the passageway walls or floor is white in colour or wood-toned. This will break the monotony of the space.

6 Adorning the dining table
Placing a vase on the dining table is one of the most common ways of using a vase. However, in most cases, people place a vase with flowers on the dining table. Keep a transparent vase with some stones at the bottom and dry twigs to go with it. This will give a different kind of look to the dining table.

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7 Welcome your guests in style
Place a bright coloured floor vase with a few sticks at the entrance. This signifies a warm welcome to your guests when they enter the house. It also makes the house look stylish.

These are some of the ideas which can bring a sea change in the way your room looks. Vases can be used in a variety of ways. Investing in vases of various sizes and colour are a great idea to decorate a house.

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