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Nippon Paint’s Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21: 32 Colours in 4 Core Themes, Ranging from Vibrant, Bold Shades to Delicate, Pastel Tones.

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Nippon Paint Malaysia Group has launched its Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21 (“TBC 2020/21”), a series of Asian colour and trend forecast derived by colour experts to curate forward thinking colour inspirations for the Asian region.

The TBC 2020/21 consists of 32 shades across four core themes, varying from vibrant and bold hues to delicate and pastel shades of the colour spectrum. The four themes are “Raw Beauty”, “Precious Tale”, “Gentle Whisper”, “Pop Life” and each theme represents a specific persona and style inspired by the technological, economic, political, social and environmental influences that shape them, observing the balance between global trends and a touch of localism and regionalism in Asia.

Speaking on the concept and inspiration behind Trend Beyond Colours, Ms Gladys Goh, Group General Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, said, “Indeed colours play a very important role in our lives, as they influence the way we feel and act, while exuding a specific surrounding ambience. With this in mind, and leveraging on our leadership position amidst the coatings industry, Trend Beyond Colours is an extension of Nippon Paint’s inspirational vision to continuously encompass colour innovation through research and development whilst taking into consideration the most sought after colour palettes by consumers across the Asian market. Through Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21, we hope to inspire design professionals to push their creative boundaries and re-think possibilities, while embracing the trending colours for the years to come. As Asia continues to be a key contributor of growth for the world, it is important that we carry on the legacy to drive not just product innovation but also to revolutionise colour inspirations across the Asian region.”

Raw Beauty

Of the four core themes, there are a total of 4 signature colours unveiled within each of the themes. For the “Raw Beauty” theme, a warm and calm shade of rustic orange brown – ‘Aztec’ – is the core colour. Aztec embraces today’s core focus on bringing the outdoors, indoors. Many city dwellers crave for the beauty and surrounding of nature in its natural form, seemingly absent from today’s hustle and bustle of the urban city life. Inspired by the elements of nature and the great outdoors, Aztec also showcases a fresh perspective on how nature impacts a living space, bringing a sense of calm and belonging with the use of neutral-toned hues in the home. Tonal shades of green, muted browns, warm oranges and beige bring together the beauty of nature indoors, thus exuding a serene, refreshing yet energising vibe to living spaces.

In Raw Beauty, a range of browns are used to convey a sense of strength and reliability, often being viewed as a solid colour much like the earth. Often described as bright, happy and uplifting , hues of orange in the core theme also exudes feelings of warmth aim to inspire individuals today to celebrate Earth and the natural world around us. The theme also incorporates the colour beige, often referred to as a staple of minimalist design with its soft and warm tone for emanating simplicity and serenity with its light natural hue.

Colours included in the theme of Raw Beauty are inspired by shades that sit between the boundaries of neutrals and tints. The warm neutrals – the combination of brown and beige shades – tend to bring with them an underlying warmth and rosiness, thus reflecting the influence of an earthy nature. The various shades of greens illustrate the importance of preserving nature in all their glorious diversity alongside a touch of orange, which symbolises its goal to comfort and uplift.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the selected signature colours featured in Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21, Gladys added, “By incorporating the different shades of greens and earthy colours in Raw Beauty, we wanted to ensure that the theme ties back to messages of sustainability in the midst of urban growth, as more often than not, colour associations come by naturally, as in the case of green for sustainability and the environmental movement, and shades of blue often depict calmness.”

The other 3 core themes within the Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21 are:

Precious Tale

Modern luxury, elegance and ornamentation – these are some of the main inspirations behind the “Precious Tale” theme. Comprising of contemporary shades such dark grey, dark turquoise and burnt orange, colours under this theme are complemented with lavish metallics and textured surfaces for that classically extravagant look. This theme aims to make urbanites reconsider the sense of places by creating a warm yet indulgent atmosphere within the rooms.

An inviting yet calming shade of teal, Turkish Tile stands as the core colour within the Precious Tale theme. This rich shade is often known as the colour of positivity – bringing peace to a home, as well as good fortune to the owner. When paired together with other warm colours within the similar colour spectrum such as orange and red, the combination of colours creates an elegant and rustic look and feel to any space.

Gentle Whisper

Inspired by the cool tones of the ocean waves, the soft yet alluring theme of “Gentle Whisper” brings a whole new appeal to the ever-trending minimalist theme. The modern theme brings together the fluidity of lighter pastel shades with contrasting tones such as navy and slate grey to provide a calming and uplifting vibe at home, be it in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Despite the mysterious undertones displayed by the darker shades, a cool monochrome feeling is created when paired together with the correct hues. In the face of inflexibility of modern life, this theme celebrates the beauty of neutrality.

The calming shade of chalky pink – Plymouth Notch – stands as the core colour for the “Gentle Whisper” palette. This neutral yet delicate shade offers a fresh breath of colour amongst the other monochromatic hues within the same palette (think slate blue, dark grey and deep shades of purple), giving the space a polished and luxurious feel when used.

Pop Life

The colourful and cheerful theme of “Pop Life” celebrates a carefree aesthetic, inspired by elements of pop culture including internet graphics from the 90s, cartoon-like graphics and animations and eye-catching colours. Formed with a mixture of a striking colour palette with the likes of punch citrus bright to saturated tones, this bold theme aims to portray the iconography of childhood fascination with the use of solid colours such as bright yellow, orange, pink, paired with contrasting solids such as cream and black for a contemporary finish.

The vivid and bold nature of Golden Charmer makes it an ideal choice as the core colour from the ever-so-vibrant Pop Life theme. This warm-toned hue injects a sense of joy and contentment into any space, especially when complemented with neutral or beige tones for a stark contrast. For a modern and chic space, the bright tones can be paired together with the textured paint series for a unique and refreshed look.

“This year’s 4 core themes of the Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21 reflect a very unique range of shades predominantly influenced by the emerging global trends and movements such as heightened awareness on sustainability and the environment; the return of elements of pop culture amongst our current generation; the upward trend of minimalist designs and the need for affluent and luxurious lifestyles. With this, consumers can be best inspired by the palette that best fits their way of life or philosophies they hold close to their hearts,” Gladys added.

Nippon Paint Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21 is available for download here.

Nippon Paint also offers colour consultation through its Colour Scheme Professional Service, comprising of a team of colour professionals who are able to customise and propose the most compatible colour schemes and combinations to help customers achieve better visualisation for their projects. To find out more, please contact Nippon Paint Customer Careline at 1-800-88-2663 or log on to www.colourscheme.com.my

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