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25 Extraordinary Wallpaper Designs to Create a Dramatic Space

by creativehomex

Wallcoverings or wallpaper can enliven any room immediately. While it’s always practical to choose something that doesn’t stand out too much, if you play it too safe, you may not be getting the visual impact that you want. That’s why bold and daring wallpaper is becoming a big hit even for homes – just a single wall adorned with beautiful yet dramatic wallpaper can set the stage for a truly extraordinary space! Here are some wallpaper designs that have caught our eye. Try them if you dare!

Huge Tropical Foliage
Big is better when it comes to large floral motifs. You can go for brightly coloured ones or choose something in lighter tones. The latter is definitely easier to work with, but you may also need to complement the space with bright accents to tie them up together.

Pop-Out 3D Patterns
These wallcoverings instantly make you reach out to touch them. But, are they real, or are your eyes playing tricks on you? That’s the beauty of 3D-patterned wallpaper, which employs embossed textures to bring out the pattern or optical illusion to create a multidimensional effect.

Stone Inspiration
Marble has made a huge comeback this year as a material of choice. Opulent as it is, marble is highly versatile and can be an excellent material for almost every room. But if you don’t want to use real marble or any kind of stone for your wall, stone-inspired wallpaper is a great alternative!

Geometrically Inclined
Squares, hexagons, circles – shapes are always popular patterns. For wallpapers, artists and designers have harmonised different shapes using various techniques to create dazzling, artistic motifs. Geometrics also give a trendy vibe, perfect for a modern or minimalist home in need of a powerful wow factor.

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