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33 Kitchen Ideas by Malaysian Interior Designers

by chxadmin

If you’re decided on your preferred colours, materials, and configurations for the kitchen, you may also be interested in getting your regular dose of inspiration with these 40 exemplar cooking spaces.

1 Wood Division

This open kitchen with its L-shaped countertop demarcates the cookspace beautifully. Design: Nu Infinity

2 Sleek Simplicity

In the kitchen, warm wood finishes are complemented by a breakfast bar with a grey countertop – the same material as the backsplash in the cookspace. Design: SQFT Space Design Management

3 Tastefully Neo-Chinese

Wooden screens infuse a touch of Oriental style to the kitchen. Design: Dare Solution

4 Modern Composition

The sophisticated palette of the kitchen blends seamlessly with the living area. Design: Nu Infinity

5 Classy Chic

Finishes on the curved kitchen island and walls give a subtle nod to a more contemporary decorating style with a classical hint. Design: Gusto Design & Build

6 Hive Mind

This kitchen is brought from simplistic monochrome and into neutral territory with the rendition of a backsplash in beige hexagonal tiles. Design: Homlux Interior Furnishing

7 Edge of Style

In contrast to the rest of the home, this kitchen is almost entirely saturated in white and black to give emphasis to the neutral coloured surroundings. Design: Moonlit Inspiration

8 Inviting Ambience

A case for decorating with accessories is made in this nearly all-white kitchen, with a range of books and jars of spices providing bright splashes of colour for intriguing contrast. Design: IDS Interior

9 Stylistic Route

This neutral coloured kitchen serves as an unobtrusive backdrop for the iconic Snowball pendant by Louis Poulsen and the pair of countryside-inspired bar stools. Design: PSQ

10 Deep Tradition

A rendition of a rural cooking space is achieved with a coffered ceiling and darkly stained wood for cabinets. Design: Q1 Interior Concept

11 Bold Features

Rather than leaving this kitchen white and utilitarian, the designer opts for the injection of colour via yellow trim around selected shelves, in addition to bench upholstery and a backsplash rendered in a matching shade of indigo. Design: Zids Design

12 Streamlined Beauty

What would have been a utilitarian and all-white kitchen is instead given some unique character with the use of patinated stone on the floors and backsplash. Design by: Craftsmen Valley

13 Dramatic Expressions

Stark lines of darkly stained wood and steel converge in this kitchen to create a cooking space that is simultaneously modern, yet rustic and industrial. Design: Luna Solutions

14 Naturally Warm

The unadulterated grains of natural wood are utilised to paint this space with intriguing and irreproducible lines. Design: Nu Infinity

15 Pristine and Pure

A slab of dramatically veined marble elevates this modern classic kitchen to the height of luxury and adds a layer of organic lines over the stringent décor. Design: FIX Design Solution

16 Marbled Marvels

A fine balance between austere and opulent is struck in this kitchen, with white surfaces serving as a chic element while the backsplash speaks of luxury with a near-seamless panel of marble. Design: Global Elite Ventures

17 Polished Theme

The use of reflective metals in this kitchen serves the dual purpose of camouflaging the appliances and adding a layer of luxury to the monochromatic space. Design: GDY Design & Construction

18 Island Inspirations

This kitchen demonstrates a multifunctional kitchen island. Design: Living Space Creative Design

19 Open Opulence

While typical kitchens are sequestered behind corners and closed doors, this dry kitchen sits in full view as part of an open layout. Design: D’concepto Design

20 Chequered Allure

The kitchen features glossy  black and white tiles on the backsplash for a measure of modern flavour. Design: ST Concepts

21 Retro Recall

A kitchen decorated in rustic industrial style almost requires a striking centrepiece – such as the pictured retro-style fridge from Smeg. Design: Yong Studio

22 Class of Glass 

Another alternative to hiding the kitchen is demonstrated with glass partition walls atop a border of countertops. Design: SQFT Space Design Management

23 Resort Look

Composed largely from various tones of wood, this neutral coloured cooking space is given a bit of mirthful colour for an uplifting result. Design: Blaine Robert Design

24 Prime Perspectives

Cosy wood tone are utilised to accent this all-white kitchen and provide the space with some visual depth. Design: PSQ

25 Outer Cookspace

In a departure from the norm, this cooking space embraces its relegation to the outer edges of the home with a practical and intriguing aperture in the wall. Design by: Design Spirits

26 Single Shot 

As with any other monochromatic space, the introduction of a single additional colour, like light brown, provides appealing visual complexity. Design: One Roof Kitchen

27 Pastoral Regality 

This rural-styled kitchen is made memorable with the saturation of its cabinets and countertops in a rarely seen colour – a regal shade of green. Design: Latitude Design

28 Delicate Touch

A specular quality of stone on the countertops, in addition to a similar motif in the tile mosaic of the backsplash, provide this pale kitchen with a subtle dose of texture. Design: Archint Design

29 Starry Strides

This kitchen demonstrates another variation of speckled motif rendered in tile mosaic, this time to reinforce a monochromatic colour theme. Design by: GDY Design & Construction

30 Linear Overtures

Elegance arising from simplicity is demonstrated using nothing more than the requisite neutral palette and straight lines of modern design. Design: Nu Infinity

31 Smooth Operator

Nearly devoid of texture, this kitchen’s all-white decor is a deliberate choice made to preserve the perceived width of the space. Design: Deep White Design

32 Grains of Trend

The grains of wood are used to accent this all-white kitchen and unify the space with the neutral coloured décor in the remainder of the home. Design: Architrio design

33 Impressive Sights

In conjunction with the near-complete saturation in white, adjacent planes are kept glossy and reflective to widen the space. Design: Jashen Interior Design

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