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Eco Design Week @ BSC: Inspirations for a Green and Stylish Lifestyle

by creativehomex

Today’s modern way of life calls for a more sustainable lifestyle to help protect and preserve our planet. Being eco-conscious is also a healthier choice, and the decision to go green can offer many benefits. Fortunately, many companies are now gearing up to meet environmentally friendly standards in the industry, giving consumers a wide variety of eco products to complement their home life.

Held from 28 September to 2 October 2022 at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), Kuala Lumpur, Eco Design Week will bring together Malaysia’s best eco-green designs and products in one place. From building materials and home fittings to appliances, furniture and designer items, there’s something for every conscious homeowner seeking sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for their homes.

Don’t miss the exclusive brands that will be showcasing their best green products at Eco Design Week! At the same time, Delonghi will be serving fresh coffee to sweeten your shopping experience. So head over to their booth to get a free cuppa!

Top Brands* at Eco Design Week
*in alphabetical order


Keep it cool, comfortable and eco-friendly with Big Ass Fans. Like its namesake, this brand offers large-sized fans for a wide range of applications from residential and commercial to industrial use. The brand is also big on eco-friendly products. Haiku, which features three hand-balanced airfoils available in aircraft-grade aluminium or eco-friendly Moso bamboo, is designed to balance airflow and energy use. Rated as the world’s most energy-saving fan, Haiku saves up to 30% on utilities year-round.

Eco tips: No fan manufacturer goes to greater lengths to create energy-efficient products than Big Ass Fans. It’s why businesses worldwide use our fans to cut heating and cooling costs by up to 30% and why designers rely on our ENERGY STAR®-rated ceiling fan models to meet the growing demand for sustainable, LEED-certified projects.



Since 1995, Claroswiss has been setting the quality benchmark in various applications related to drinking water and the preparation of beverages, providing high-quality water filtration products to customers worldwide. In Malaysia, Claroswiss has made its way into homes as a trusted and reliable water filter to suit any household’s water consumption requirements. .

Eco tips: Using a quality water filter can significantly reduce the use of plastic bottles, which contributes to a lesser carbon footprint. Look for certified and tested water filters to ensure your drinking water is safe and clean.

Claroswiss Malaysia


At Crownlivin®, affordable luxury is at its very best – in the form of Italian design-inspired modular furniture in creative living spaces. The company stands at the forefront of creating functional and decorative modular furniture that is easy to assemble, customise, reconfigure, and move or stack – to adapt to the ever-changing market needs and wants. To provide a variety of design choices to customers, the company has a strong R & D department to research and develop new designs every year. Above all, Crownlivin’s furniture and living concepts are distinguished by the fluidity of form and function and the allure of lifestyle inspiration.

Eco tips: With the belief that sustainability should be a well-rounded initiative, Crownlivin® takes on an eco-conscious stance in every major phase of its business. From its production and office premises to its supply chain, the company strives to reduce their environmental impact for a more sustainable future.



From water and air purifiers to mattresses, Cuckoo is all about helping you create a clean, healthy and sustainable home life! One of their best-loved products is their exciting range of water purifiers, made possible with the latest technologies to provide you with safe and clean drinking water. Check out the sleek and chic ICON water purifier at Eco Design Week and be amazed by Cuckoo’s revolutionary IN & OUT Auto Sterilisation Electrolysis Technology. Water aside, be sure to test drive Cuckoo’s ultra-comfy A-Series Mattress, a crossover with NAPURE, to offer you the best quality mattress for back pain. The mattress is also a sustainable choice as it is made from 100% natural latex from renewable rubber tree resources.

Eco tips: Mattresses made from natural latex can help you sleep better while alleviating environmental impact. Cuckoo’s A-Series Mattress is made from 100% sustainable rubber without any fillers or impurities and has been tested and certified by German’s renowned laboratory ECO Umweltinstitut GmbH.



With over 40 years of experience, EFI Home is known for its unique door designs, which fit perfectly in all types of residential homes – landed, high-rise and many others. The brand has one of the most comprehensive total wooden door solutions and provides over 50 types of natural veneers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of its solid engineered doors. Each collection goes beyond conventional standards, appealing to interior designers, homeowners, and design enthusiasts alike. This design-focused door brand has since positioned itself as one of Malaysia’s leading industry leaders and a trusted brand for innovative, quality doors. Aesthetics aside, EFI Home’s engineered wooden doors are tested and certified in line with international as well as environmental standards. Every range offers stability, integrity, and durability to give homeowners a greater sense of privacy and comfort and the opportunity to create a more sustainable home.

Eco tips: If you love wood or timber doors, go for sustainable options to protect the environment. EFI Home’s doors are fully compliant with relevant building regulations, as well as technical and environmental standards – specifically the Singapore Green Label certification.



Guocera, a tile brand of choice in Malaysia, strives to deliver the highest quality products that ensure a stylish yet functional home space. Their collection incorporates the latest Microstep Technology, a finish with a soft and pleasant feel but resistant to wet sliding (P4), as well as Diamond Surface, the first in Malaysia and the region to offer a superior diamond surface for technical porcelain, characterised by its excellent resistance to scratch, anti-slip and easy maintenance. Apart from high performance, Guocera’s tiles have also been certified as an Eco-Friendly Building Material by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

Eco tips: Tiles are an essential element for every home. This said, it’s important to choose eco-friendly tiles that are safe and toxic-free to ensure a healthy and green living space. In addition, greener materials like Guocera’s green-certified tiles can minimise environmental impact without compromising style.



Liebherr, well-known for its refrigeration and freezing products, was the first refrigeration manufacturer to be RoHS compliant worldwide by restricting the use of hazardous substances. The company’s ActiveGreen Initiative represents Liebherr’s commitment to finding greener ways to produce quality, sustainable products. Energy efficiency is at the core of their ActiveGreen commitment, which is reflected in every aspect of our design and manufacturing process. For those seeking a greener home life, Liebherr refrigerators and freezers help to produce less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions with the aim to have the least damaging effect on the environment and offering solutions that help consumers conserve energy.

Eco tips: All Liebherr refrigerators and freezers meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Liebherr refrigerators help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions in an effort to reduce damaging effects on the environment, as well as to help consumers conserve energy and reduce energy costs.



Incorporated in 1972, MIECO Chipboard Berhad commissioned its first production line in 1976, making it the pioneer in particleboard manufacturing in Malaysia. MIECO’s core business is in the manufacturing and distribution of particle boards with a primary focus on particle chipboards, melamine-faced chipboards (“MFC”), and medium-density fibreboards (“MDF”). MIECO’s particleboards conform to international quality standards, and it is also the first company in Malaysia’s wood-panel industry to receive the prestigious BS EN ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System. In 2022, MIECO launches the matching MIECO Highpressure Laminates, MIECO HPL, to further provide customers with effortless material combinations, enabling more possibilities in creations.

Eco tips: Widely used in the building industry, particle boards are eco-friendly materials. As they are generally made from the scraps of other lumber products, there is minimal waste in the manufacturing process. In addition, extra logging isn’t required to produce the material, which helps to preserve our natural forest reserves.



Nanion, one of Malaysia’s leading sterilising coating solution providers in Malaysia, strives to improve indoor air quality and eliminate indoor air pollution in our homes. In their professional range of sanitising coating products and services, the water-based Nanion uses a breakthrough proprietary technology developed in Malaysia, the NCS (NanoZap Coating Sterilisation) Technology, which has been proven to be highly effective in disinfecting air and surface pathogen. Nanion also offers the Nanion VOC REMOVR Coating Technology, which zaps harmful VOC (toxic gases) and Nanion LIGHTZAP featuring NanoZap Light Coating Sterilisation (NLCS) Technology that vapourises 99.999% virus & bacteria🦠 within 10 minutes.

Eco tips: Disinfecting your home is key to ensuring a clean and healthy living space. Unfortunately, many cleaning and disinfecting products out there are laden with hazardous chemicals. Thus it is crucial to ensure the disinfectants you use are non-toxic and eco-friendly to protect your health and the planet.



“Create today, enrich tomorrow.” Panasonic Malaysia strives to ensure the well-being of people and the planet through their wide range of home appliances. Ultimately, Panasonic aims to make life simpler, safer, healthier, more enjoyable, and more sustainable for everyone. At Eco Design Week, Panasonic will present the X-Premium Inverter Wall Mounted and R32 Deluxe Inverter NX Series. These eco-friendly air conditioners utilise R32 refrigerant as well as Inverter and Nanoe X technology to save energy and purify the air, resulting in a more eco-friendly and cleaner home.

Eco tip: As part of Panasonic’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, the company has been adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. Why R32? R32 refrigerant is an excellent heat transfer medium which leads to greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, it has zero impact on the ozone layer; hence it’s friendlier to the environment.



As the inventor of laminate flooring, Pergo knows the importance of beautiful, practical flooring. Pergo’s history goes back to 1977 when they revolutionised the (commercial) flooring industry by inventing the first laminate floor, which led to the birth of the company Pergo. Since 2013, the Pergo brand has been owned by Mohawk Industries, Inc., the world’s largest flooring company with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Today, Pergo has become a renowned brand offering high-quality, eco-conscious wood flooring that includes laminate and wood parquet. Pergo naturally complies with all environmental and health legislation and standards.

Eco tips: As a key player in the flooring industry, every company should take their responsibility and the future of our planet seriously. This is why Pergo has worked hard to achieve additional high environmental standards, which has earned them the highly regarded Scandinavian ecological label.



With more than 25 years of experience in the spa and aesthetic industry, Sauna Holm is a sauna engineering company specialising in health and sweat therapy equipment and facilities made primarily from softwood. They are also the only Southeast Asia distributor for Finland’s Harvia, which also features the Sentiotec and Devatec systems. Instead of plastic, Sauna Holms’ products are made of natural and non-toxic cedar wood (green wood) and spruce wood imported from Finland, making them a safe and healthy choice for families.

Eco tip: Whether it’s for your furniture or building structure, opt for sustainable and natural wood to minimise our footprint, preserve our rainforests, and ensure a healthier way of life.



Sofology, one of the top furniture brands in Malaysia, is renowned for its vast array of exquisite European pieces, including sofas, dining tables, chairs and stunning furniture pieces. The brand champions eco-friendly furniture and aims to produce and deliver its products with minimum environmental impact. Wherever possible, Sofology will reuse or recycle any excess materials or by-products in their manufacturing process. For example, when utilising leather, gelatine collagen is produced from trimmings and off-cuts removed from the hides during the raw and liming stages of the process.

Eco tips: While upholstered leather has an incredibly long lifespan when looked after properly, like any material, it will eventually reach the end of its original purpose. Even so, leather is 100% PCR (post-consumer recyclable), can be 100% biodegradable (depending on any finishing treatments applied) and can be easily upcycled and repurposed in the production of other products.

Special Deals @ Eco Design Week: Get 50% off on selected items purchased on the spot, along with an extra unit of full solid oak wood side table worth RM 1990!



Since its inception in 1987, SSF has been a source of home inspiration in which its wide variety of products holds an important place in the hearts of its loyal customers. SSF strives to create a wholesome family lifestyle, where a warm and cosy home is made affordable, thanks to their quality yet reasonably-priced products. Today, SSF is one of Malaysia’s largest home retail chains and a leading player in creativity, inspiration and budget-friendly home products that enhance everyone’s home and lifestyle. SSF Malaysia is definitely innovative and progressive, and the brand is on its way to becoming the preferred home furnishing brand with high-quality products for all.

Eco tips: While you may be tempted to settle for low-quality furniture, be aware that they usually don’t last long and will end up in landfills, burdening our environment. At SSF, you can browse through an exciting selection of quality furniture and find one that meets your budget and preference to create a beautiful home that’s kind to the planet as well.



SWIFT is a Swedish home lift brand that aims to make society a little more sustainable and comfortable. Their wide range of home lifts come with multiple options for personal customisation, like colours, glass, ArtWalls and smart home features. On the green front, SWIFT offers the next generation home lift featuring EcoDrive – a Tesla-inspired battery system that dynamically charges the batteries when travelling downwards. The system ensures that every fourth trip is free, which makes energy consumption minimal. SWIFT also uses carpets from Danish design company EGE Carpet. The carpets are made of EcoNyl, a yarn made of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean. In general, more than 95% of the material in the lift can be recycled.

Eco tips: Technology with the environment in mind makes all the difference. SWIFT’s EcoDrive is a fantastic example of ensuring minimal energy consumption. With the EcoDrive, the home lift consumes less power than a microwave oven (regular use). On top of this, by adding the option of solar panels, your lift can be less reliant on electricity, translating to greater energy savings!



Uplus, one of the leading solar film providers in Malaysia, is devoted to the application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly green building materials. Led by a National Central University R&D team formed in Taiwan, the brand has received accreditations from various institutions, including the Singapore Green Building Council, Malaysia SIRIM, Singapore Environment Council Green and Malaysia Government MyHIJAU Mark – all testament to their commitment to delivering eco-friendly products. For homes, Uplus’ The One solar film, which uses Uplus’ patented heat insulation technology, effectively blocks 99% of UV rays. The brand also provides energy-saving glass, privacy film, insulation paint and NanoU+ Antibacterial film and sticker.

Eco tips: Renewable energy development is far less than the rate of energy consumption. The construction industry attaches great importance to “energy-saving houses”, so the demand for insulated building materials will increase. Here’s where Uplus takes a step forward to meet the emerging need for eco-friendly solutions.



Established in 1981 in Weingarten, Germany, Venta has 41 years of experience in the global market as a leading air purifier brand. In Malaysia, Venta filterless air purifier has helped countless homes to achieve cleaner and healthier air at home. 100% made in Germany, this product uses water as its filtration medium to purify, humidify and sanitise indoor air in a single motion. It’s also an energy-saving device as only 8 watts of electricity is required to keep it running the whole day. In their manufacturing process, Venta utilises 100% renewable energy as the company believes everybody should be able to enjoy cleaner air without compromising the environment.

Eco tips: Energy-efficient appliances help you save money and conserve energy while protecting the environment and enhancing your lifestyle. Venta products are produced with 100% green energy and are designed to be 100% recyclable. The products also last a lifetime. Ultimately, the company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint in every way possible.


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