Home LifestyleEvents Living the Green Dream: The Eco Design Week @ BSC (22-26 Feb) is Back with a Plethora of Exciting Green Solutions for the Home!

Living the Green Dream: The Eco Design Week @ BSC (22-26 Feb) is Back with a Plethora of Exciting Green Solutions for the Home!

by creativehomex

From 22-26 Feb 2023, Eco Design Week @ BSC will feature an array of prestigious brands offering eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle solutions across a wide range of product categories, including home appliances, building materials, fixtures and fittings, interior decor, gardening, automobiles and more.

Created with the modern homeowner in mind, Eco Design Week aims to encourage consumers to embrace eco-sustainability in everyday life and foster a culture of eco-awareness in our community. Below are the key brands that you can expect at the show. So head on over to their booths to check out the latest trends and deals!

Top Brands* at Eco Design Week
*in alphabetical order

Main Sponsor
Wheelcorp Premium

As one of BMW’s biggest retail and service centres in Malaysia, Wheelcorp Premium is dedicated to providing world-class sales and after-sales services. This is made possible by their fully-trained technicians and a comprehensive range of parts, accessories and equipment that only an authorised BMW dealer can provide. On top of this, the company is a reputable authorised BMW purveyor offering a wide range of BMW vehicles. Apart from that, they also provide certified used BMWs, BMW’s latest offers, as well as BMW Financial Services. Drop by their booth and find out what they have to offer at Eco Design Week!

Eco tips: Keeping your car well-maintained with regular oil changes, air filter replacements, and tire rotations can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, resulting in a “greener” drive.

Big Ass Fans

Comfort and elegance are within easy, breezy reach – thanks to the sophisticated Haiku ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans, a brand renowned for their large-sized fans for a wide range of applications. This collection, in particular, is rated as the world’s most energy-saving fan, saving up to 30% on utilities year-round! It’s also very pleasing to the eye with its three hand-balanced airfoils available in aircraft-grade aluminium or eco-friendly Moso bamboo. Feel the cool elegance of Haiku at Big Ass Fans’ booth!

Eco tips: Choose sustainable materials whenever possible. For example, Moso bamboo is a rapidly renewable giant bamboo species known for its CO2-absorbing and oxygen-producing capacity, which makes it an ideal eco-friendly material for homes.


At De’Longhi, it has always been about simplifying people’s lives. No matter your home needs, De’Longhi’s innovative designs and their one-of-a-kind functional features offer every consumer a selection of quality home appliances with an indelible “Italian touch.” For coffee lovers, De’Longhi’s high-quality coffee makers are an essential luxury! Get a taste of these gadgets at the event and be impressed by their cutting-edge functionality and sleek design!

Eco tips: Here’s how to make your daily coffee routine more environmentally friendly: choose coffee products made from sustainable practices and come in recyclable packaging. Also, opt for energy-saving coffee machines!

If you love lifestyle accessories with a contemporary and trendy twist, ERVY offers you a great selection of products made from natural fibres, gemstones and homogeneous inorganic material to choose from! At ERVY, style and substance define their curated collections featuring sophisticated pieces with precious finishes designed and crafted by Malaysia’s finest artisans. Browse their collections at Eco Design Week and find that perfect piece to complement your personal style!

Eco tips: Choose natural fibres as they generally have a lower environmental impact than synthetic fibres. This is because the production process of natural fibres requires less energy and water and generates less greenhouse gas emissions.

Family Bonsai

Family Bonsai specialises in unique bonsai trees with a variety of bonsai species for customers to choose from. Every bonsai is meticulously cared for by their expert staff to ensure they thrive and grow into a beautiful botanical piece of art. Visit Family Bonsai at their booths to explore the different types of bonsais – you may just find one that catches your eye!

Eco tips: Bonsai is a unique eco-friendly plant for the home. This tree is widely known to reduce indoor air pollutants and purify the air indoors while bringing a sense of harmony and balance to your home.


FYLLAHOME is always committed to delivering only the highest quality products. As a modern and customer-focused bedding company, their brand stands for unrivalled quality and impeccable design. Their extensive collections offer everything for everyone, with options ranging from minimalistic to ornate styles and from duvet covers to flat sheets, all crafted from environmentally friendly materials.

Eco tips: Mattresses are a crucial element in the bedroom. To ensure your sleeping space is eco-healthy and conducive to a good night’s sleep, invest in a high-quality mattress made from eco-friendly or organic materials.

GTF (Goodness Through Food)

GTF believes that you are what you eat. Based on this simple philosophy, their range of products is produced using the best grade and quality of natural ingredients and nutrients, not only for different health needs but also to provide overall well-being and maintain health for your body and mind. People aside, GTF provides nutritional supplements for pets as well! Have a chat with their consultants during Eco Design Week to explore their various health-enhancing products.

Eco tips: What we eat can also affect our environment. Here’s where it’s vital to embrace sustainable nutrition, which refers to nutrition that is produced and delivered in a way that is mindful for people, the planet, and society.


Need inspiration to beautify your home with exquisite tiles? Visit Guocera’s booth to discover their new collection of innovative tiles that are characterised by elegance, quality and easy maintenance. A tile brand of choice in Malaysia, Guocera is passionate about delivering the highest quality products to ensure a stylish yet functional home space.

Eco tips: When you are renovating or remodelling your home, it’s a good idea to recycle or reuse tiles, especially if they are still in good condition. This minimises the burden on our increasing landfill, reducing our carbon footprint at the same time.


Designed to offer the highest quality water straight from the tap, INTRIX One Tap is Malaysia’s first hidden multi-usage water purifier featuring a sleek tap which seamlessly blends with any modern kitchen counter. This device conveniently dispenses ambient and hot water of up to 98°C for drinking, cooking, washing, and sterilising while keeping your kitchen clutter-free! Discover this ingenious product at their booth!

Eco tips: Water is a precious resource! So find ways to conserve water whenever you can. The simplest way is to turn off the tap when you are not using it. You can also opt for water-saving devices in your kitchen.


Kärcher products offer the right solution for any cleaning challenge. They are well-known for their high-performance vacuum cleaners and pressure washers, which make the task of home cleaning that much easier! During Eco Design Week, they will demonstrate the functional benefits of the FC 7 Cordless vacuum cleaners and the VC4i Cordless Plus collection, as well as the K4 Basic pressure washer and how these products can enhance your lifestyle.

Eco tips: High-quality vacuum cleaners with low power usage are good eco-friendly options as they help save energy without compromising performance. For instance, devices with flow-optimised suction channels can achieve 98% of the cleaning performance while using less electricity.


Established in 2016, Moorgen has become the leading smart home manufacturer in the world. Using self-researched bus control and wireless control technology, the brand has developed more than 2000 smart products for local and remote controls. At present, Moorgen has over 300 patents, including smart AI touch screen, smart panel, smart remote control, smart host, and more designed to make home life more comfortable, more convenient and energy-saving.

Eco tips: Smart home systems can play a role in creating an eco-friendly home. This can come in the form of lighting control, window treatments, climate control, and more, that work together to bring down your energy bill while lessening your impact on the planet.


With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Myway, a brand specialising in karaoke facilities, strives to provide a highly enjoyable entertainment experience. The company provides high-fidelity audio-visual systems and the best microphones to make it easy to set up your own karaoke system at home. If you love singing, Myway is the ideal way to indulge your passion for music!

Eco tips: Create a more energy-efficient home by using your appliances optimally. Operate appliances for the shortest amount of time possible and turn them off when not in use. This includes computers, screens, and home entertainment devices.


A functional and stylish hood in the kitchen makes all the difference. Here’s where ROBAM’s latest collection of ultra-slim range hoods will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Featuring a slim body with a strong core and great suction ability, these range hoods maintain a fresh ambience in your kitchen while ensuring a comfortable cooking experience. Find out more about these products at their booth.

Eco tips: A kitchen hood helps ensure your kitchen is fresh and clean. However, you don’t need to turn it on all the time. If you are just boiling water, steaming vegetables or doing some light cooking, natural ventilation from an open window can carry away excess moisture and heat as well.

Rowenda Kitchen

Whether you lean towards classic or contemporary kitchens, Rowenda can tailor your cooking space to your heart’s desire. Founded in 1984, Rowenda Kitchen is a multi-award-winning kitchen and interior design studio based in Klang Valley. They offer residential and commercial interior design, interior and exterior architecture, project management and furniture design for private individuals and property developers. Talk to their consultants at their booth to learn more.

Eco tips: When it comes to building an eco-friendly kitchen, consider the source of the materials that you will be using. For example, if you are going for a wood-dominant design, ensure the wood is from FSC-certified or sustainable sources.


Well recognised and highly respected within the industry, Sendora by CK DOOR Trading Sdn Bhd engages in all door manufacturing and supply works for different applications ranging from tiny spaces to expansive settings. With over 20 years of experience, the company’s team of experts always have the right solution for any residential, commercial and industrial project. Open your mind to inspiring door designs at their booth!

Eco tips: Having a high quality and solid door made from sustainable wood is important. This reduces the need to replace them frequently, lessening the negative impact on planet Earth.


Skyworth, a Top 10 global TV brand, elevates home entertainment to the next level of quality and innovation. The brand is one of the leading purveyors of excellent digital display products and services like OLED TVs, LED TVs and other digital products related to the TV industry. At Eco Design Week, immerse yourself in the amazing clarity and stunning colours of their latest SUE7600 and SUE8000 QLED+ Eye Care Google tv collections.

Eco tips: New TV design technology has helped ensure a more energy-efficient home entertainment system. A good example is the Eco-QLED, a new generation of QD technology that improves colours while providing environmental protection.


SWIFT, a Swedish brand well-known for their home lifts, has always been at the forefront of creating solutions to ensure a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. What stands out most about SWIFT are their customisable home lifts which come with multiple options to suit diverse preferences. On the eco-friendly front, SWIFT provides the next-generation house lift equipped with EcoDrive, a Tesla-inspired battery energy-saving system.

Eco tips: Home lifts with the EcoDrive feature ensure minimal energy consumption. This unique eco-efficient solution is based on Tesla technology, which charges batteries as lifts move downwards. This way, every 4th trip is free, resulting in energy savings!

The Bubble Lab

The Bubble Lab is all about beautiful scents! From essential oils and handmade soaps to a wide range of accessories to create a comfortable and eco-friendly home, this brand is meticulous about the ingredients and materials that they use. Visit their booth and try out the pleasant-smelling oils and aromatic soaps to find one that uplifts your mood and senses!

Eco tips: Using handmade soaps made from natural and biodegradable ingredients is not just healthier for your skin but also reduces the negative impact on our environment. Always check the ingredients when choosing a quality soap to ensure they are non-toxic and eco-friendly.


ViewSonic Corporation, headquartered in Brea, California, is a leading global provider of innovative visual solutions for work, play, and learning. To date, their industry-leading products include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard interactive displays, and myViewBoard software solutions. At the event, visitors will get the opportunity to delve into ViewSonic’s sophisticated X2000B-4K 4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector, which offers a True 4K HDR immersive visual experience.

Eco tips: Did you know that laser projects are more efficient than lamp-based ones? They offer longer-lasting brightness, lower maintenance (because they don’t need any lamps) and improved colour and contrast. They are also easy to install and don’t overheat like traditional ones.

Turn your home into a green dream! 🌱🌱🌱

Mark your calendars and discover exciting eco-friendly living ideas for the home at the upcoming Eco Design Week!

When? 22-26 Feb | 10am-10pm daily
Where? Concourse Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Special deals, freebies and lucky giveaways await. Get the best prices at Eco Design Week!

See you there 🤩🤩🤩 !

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