Home Dining Material Splendour: This Condo Elevates the Art of Living With an Opulent Interplay of Textures

Material Splendour: This Condo Elevates the Art of Living With an Opulent Interplay of Textures

by creativehomex

At the heart of this sophisticated condo home named Lusso rests a masterful interplay of contrasts, a symphony of solid and soft, light and dark materials that coalesce into a harmonious whole. Designed by leading interior design firm Dare Solution, the artful balance of stylistic materials in this condo transcends the ordinary. With its harmonious fusion of sumptuous materials, captivating dark hues, and enchanting mood lighting, the interior resonates with both the senses and the soul.

Starting with the living room, the dark-hued palette reigns supreme, exuding an air of sophistication and allure. Against the rough, natural stone wall, an exquisite light neutral-coloured upholstered sofa serves as the centerpiece, commanding attention with its tasteful juxtaposition. The choice of herringbone warm wood flooring adds a touch of vivacity, a harmonious contrast to the adjacent smooth white marble feature wall, where dark veins gracefully meander, captivating the eye with their mysterious allure.

A few steps away, the dining space is anchored by a grand marble slab serving as the opulent dining surface. Overhead, gleaming globe lamps cast a soft, radiant glow, lending a touch of glamour to the dining area. Adjacent to the dining area, the kitchen embraces a modern, edgy theme, adorned with sleek, dark surfaces. The kitchen backsplash, adorned in exquisite marble with intriguing tonal swathes, bestows personality upon the space, showcasing a seamless blend of artistry and functionality.

The bedroom, a sanctuary of calm and allure, continues the theme of ingenious play of contrasts. Classic white panelled walls form the backdrop of the bed, emanating an air of timeless elegance and grace. In stunning juxtaposition, the vanity wall boasts a captivatingly rough and wavy black solid surface, an arresting sight that infuses the room with an air of enigmatic allure. This same mesmerising material extends to the walk-in wardrobe, where custom-built shelves adorned with this inky treasure offer an opulent storage solution.

The condo also includes an elegant home office, which features smooth black marble for the tabletop, complemented by dark fluted walls to keep the overall design concept consistent while adding visual variety to the space.


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