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CH Mother’s Day Special: 5 Gift Ideas to Pamper the Queen of Your Heart

by chxadmin

She has always been there for you: when you fell and cried while taking your first steps, the time you had your heart broken, sending you off to university and motivating you at work. So what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom? No two mothers are the same. So get her something that is truly her cuppa tea. Here are a few gift ideas for moms to inspire you:

1 For Moms Who Enjoy Keeping the House Flawlessly Clean
Some moms are amazing at keeping the home spotless and beautiful. So nothing says “I love you, Mom” like helping her around the house to make sure it’s tidy and clean like she how she wants it to be. It’s also a good idea to get her gadgets that make cleaning tasks that much easier – like a new MIDEA Vacuum Cleaner. This premium home appliance brand features different vacuum cleaner variants that are designed to meet different cleaning needs, so there’s definitely one that would suit your mother’s cleaning habits!

2 For Moms Who Like To Decorate
Some moms have such decorative flair when it comes to turning ordinary spaces at home into inviting rooms for the whole family. For mothers who enjoy decorating, surprise her with something that would look good and work well with the rest of her home decor. Consider Royal Selangor’s unique range of pewterware. From Crystalline tealight holders and trinket boxes to vases and wine decanters, these items would warm her heart – and the home.

3 For Moms Who Are TV Buffs

If she loves Korean dramas or HBO Blockbusters, there’s no better gift than a state-of-the-art television so she can truly enjoy her favourite TV shows and movies. How about a Panasonic high-end 4K PRO HDR TV? These TVs are designed to deliver picture quality accurate to the filmmaker’s original intentions. They combine Panasonic’s cutting-edge Hexa Chroma Drive Pro processors with professional-quality colour management technology and wide colour range displays to capture every nuance and detail of the original film.

4 For Moms Who Love Sparkly Things

There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching your mom’s eyes light and sparkle up when she receives a gift that shows her how much you care. If she loves jewellery, necklaces, earrings or bracelet would make ideal gifts to add to her jewellery collection. One of the best and simplest accessories for moms are pendants as they can wear them close to their hearts everyday. The luxurious-looking pendants from Lukfook’s Love Is Beauty collection is just perfect – to tell her that she is as beautiful as her unconditional love for the family.

5 For Moms Who Wish to See You More Often
Wish to see your mother more but you are often away for work? It’s a good idea to get her a multifunctional smart phone so that she can contact you when she misses you. For instance, the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones are designed to blend seamlessly into one’s life, enabling a more natural interaction between the user and the device. It is powerpacked with many features that not only allows her to make easier communication via different means like video chat, this nifty phone also features enhanced security with new biometric technologies, robust entertainment capabilities and an intelligent new interface to enhance the way people interact with their phone.

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