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CH Mother’s Day Special : Paint Your Love for Mom with Dulux

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As we journey through life, many find themselves revisiting their childhood once in a while to reminisce about the fun times as children. Memories of running in the garden, splashing in water puddles and funny little accidents surfaces themselves one after another. While our experiences may differ, it seems like many of us love to show the hidden artist in us – scribbling on clean, well-painted walls. Remember the time, when your mom chased you up and down the hallway after you secretly drew on the walls with her favourite lipstick?

Given the efforts she has put in to maintaining a comfortable home for the family, let’s make this coming Mother’s Day filled with gratitude, love, and adventure. Dulux, the leading decorative paint brand of AkzoNobel, invites you to have a heart-warming makeover for your homes interior as a gift to mothers.

Colouring Your Rooms
To start off with the makeover process, try to repaint the living room first as it is the heart of any home – a place where family gather and spend quality time as one. Try to opt for a calmer and relaxing colour to create a comfortable space. The recommended colours associated with harmony and peace are the likes of blues, browns or whites.

Choose a neutral colour for large items such as walls and flooring, a complementary colour for furniture, and then a third more dramatic colour for accessories and décor to make sure it pops. For instance, you may try out AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2017 – Denim Drift (also known as Smoke Grey) for the colour of your wall and bring out the contrast with the colour white, and maybe opt for brown or black accessories to decorate the space. Browse through Dulux website for more colour inspiration ideas.

Get Creative
While neutral colours are often a popular choice, don’t be afraid to add in dashes of vibrancy. In conjunction with this special day, try to makeover the living room with recollections of your childhood memories. Remember that wall you used to scribble on? The one where you used to measure your height with pencil marks on it? Refurbish it with your mother’s favourite stencil design, or upgrade the look by hanging your best-loved painting. Additionally, you can add in colourful, patterned cushions to go with the minimalist interiors to enhance the entire outlook. If your mother is an adventurous and bubbly soul, then go bold with colour-play. Or even better, contact a Dulux colour consultant to advice you on a fun and chic colour scheme. Besides, Dulux EasyClean™ series has more than 2,000 colours available for the pickings – surely you’ll find something you love.

Cleaning Made Easy
Today, cleaning the walls has never been easier with the newly improved Dulux EasyClean™ and new Dulux EasyClean™ Plus – a premium quality paint incorporated with KidProof Technology, providing a washable surface which makes cleaning common household stains off the walls an effortless experience. For all mothers with young children, this puts an end to your nightmares, doesn’t it? Hence, it is highly recommended to repaint the walls with EasyClean™ to ensure that your future house chores would be less of a hassle. It has a sophisticated matt emulsion for interior walls and ceilings that makes for a highly durable and smooth matt finish.

The best news about Dulux EasyClean™ doesn’t just lie in the effortless cleaning but also the lasting effect it provides. Formulated with Colourguard Technology which locks in colours, EasyClean™ keeps colours looking more vibrant and clean longer. The innovative technology from Dulux EasyClean™ adds life to those dazzling walls. After all the work is done, maybe take some time off for some “masak-masak” fun like the good old times in your newly refurbished house?

While there’s only one Mother’s Day out of 365 days in a year, don’t forget to shower her with hugs and kisses from time to time. Have a blessed Mother’s Day, everyone. For more information on Dulux EasyClean™, please visit http://www.dulux.com.my, or send an email to customercare.my@akzonobel.com for free colour consultation service. Do check out our Facebook and Instagram page @DuluxMalaysia for the upcoming Mother’s Day colour inspiration program.

Article and images courtesy of Dulux Malaysia.

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