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Prominent decorator and author Penny Drue Baird helps to guide readers toward successful rooms and spaces with the book, On Interior Design which features an exploration of the essential aspects of contemporary interiors.

Baird is the author of Bringing Paris Home, The New French Interior, and Dreamhouse. Opinionated and knowledgeable, Baird shares insider secrets gained from more than thirty years in the profession. More than 180 photographs, with informative captions, illustrate her distinctive approach Crown moldings or cabinetry.


Vintage or Victorian? Orange or ochre? Successful interior design – creative, comfortable rooms with a personal touch – is built from layer upon layer of color, texture, pattern, embellishment, and more. But the plethora of choices available in the early twenty-first century has made it almost impossible to assemble these layers thoughtfully. Baird is here to help with On Interior Design, an incisive exploration of the essential aspects of contemporary interiors.

Baird considers architectural details, furniture, colour, fabric, flooring, lighting, and accessories, offering equal servings of expertise, history, and recommendation. She illustrates her topics with dozens of photographs of her own work, from apartments in New York City to houses in the Hamptons and Palm Beach to a residence in Paris. Building on her three previous books, in On Interior Design Baird imparts the lessons and principles gleaned from her thirty-plus years in practice.

Title On Interior Design
Author Penny Drue Baird
Publisher Images Publishing Group, 2018
Length 272 pages, Hardcover

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