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Kids’ Space Special: Creating A Princess Bedroom

by chxadmin

Whether she likes Elsa or Cinderella, fairy tale-themed bedrooms are every little girl’s magical sanctuary. It gives her a safe space to dream and relax while providing comfort and inspiration. Here are some tips to create a personalized look for her bedroom so she can feel as special as a princess.


Beautify The Bed

  • For princess bedrooms, nothing define the space like the bed. A canopy-style bed frame is an ideal option because it offers a grand, romantic look.
  • To create a creamy, dreamy look, you can envelope the bed with sheer curtains that can also double up as a mosquito netting.


Sweeten The Palette

  • While pink is the ideal colour for princess-themed bedrooms, you can also use a combination of other colours to prevent the room from being too pink. Use a pale shade or pink or lilac for the walls and incorporate brighter shades of pink in the bedding, curtains, rugs and other accessories.
  • To complement the pink, add accents of light green, lilac and white to give the room a soft, fairy tale garden feel.
  • Also look for patterns that combine pink, purple, green and white as well–floral print bedding.
  • In case your little princess is not a fan of pink, there are other colours to take into consideration. Lavender or purple are royal shades and they can make a space look sophisticated.


Adding Special Touches

  • If your child’s room has wooden furniture, you can also paint it white and add floral patterns to the drawers and doors to create a custom design.
  • Throughout the shelves and surfaces in your daughter’s room, add touches that feel sparkly, pink and royal; for example toy crowns or tiaras, wands and princess dresses to hang in her closet.
  • Every princess needs a throne. Choose a plush chair perfect for enjoying high-tea. Add a personal touch by having the chair embroidered with your daughter’s name in gold.
  • If possible, include a vanity table also – princesses love getting all glammed up!

Article by Lily Wong. Images by Newport UK.

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