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Bosch Dishwasher:Spending Essential Time With Your Loved Ones Not Dirty Dishes

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Washing the dishes are regarded as one of the most annoying household chores. Many people dread after cooking up a storm is the aftermath:spending at least an hour to wash the stack of oily plates, pots and cutleries. Here, we want you to save your time and energy, let’s take a look at how BOSCH dishwasher could make your life better!

Cleaning Performance:Deliver perfect washing results than hand-washing

The cleaning process of the BOSCH dishwasher includes five steps: “pre-wash, auto wash, quick wash, high-temperature wash, and drying”. It does not need to connect a hot water pipe, and enable to heat the water to a certain temperature, and then use the S-shaped spray arm at the bottom of the tray to spray a high-pressure water pumps, circulate and rinse from bottom to top, which can clean the dirty dishes in 360 degrees without dead angle. BOSCH makes uses of its triple residue filter system includes an ultra-fine filter for removing residues of different sizes to achieve a better cleaning effect.  You just have to put the greasy dishes, pots and utensils into the dishwasher, the dishes are sparkling clean after each wash.

Drying Performance:PerfectDry based on Zeolith, Eliminate 99% of harmful germs and bacteria at 70°C

If you are looking for a dishwasher which could bring a superb results in eliminating germs and bacteria during this coronavirus pandemic, BOSCH dishwasher could actually gets the job done with its antibacterial cleaning function.  This is achieved by rinsing dishes at a higher temperature of up to 70°C, sustained for approximately 10 minutes. It enable to remove the stubborn stains such as: “curry” and quickly peel it off from the kitchenware in order to achieve a strong effective cleaning and sterilisation ability even on children’s bottles, pacifiers, and plastic toys. Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria can effectively prevent the disease from entering the mouth and give your child with maximum protection! This helps to keep your kitchenware much more sanitary, which is important for young children or family members who have allergies.

BOSCH perfect drying performance thanks to its unique drying technology Zeolith, take in humidity and transform it into warm air that draws moisture off from dishes, even the plastic tupperware. The interior of the dishwasher can be kept dry and refreshing at all time, which is equivalent to providing a sterile storage space for your tableware, and ease for you to take clean cutlery from your dishwasher at anytime.

Energy Efficiency:Eco 50° Mode promote the concept of environmentally friendly

Only 7.5 liters of water consumption for you to wash 13 sets of tableware. Experiments have shown that dishwashers are far more water and electricity saving than hand-washing. For many moms, the BOSCH dishwasher can really save you a lot of time with its additional function Vario Speed which reduces the rinsing time by 50% while maintaining its strong cleaning power, disinfection and drying power for your utensils.  Rather than spending time on washing dishes, it is better to spend the time by giving a great companion to your child and your loved ones.

Large Capacity:Dishwasher is not only for washing dishes, but also for large cooking pots

The BOSCH dishwasher introduces the brand new rack design, which can meet the sterilisation needs of a large number of Chinese tableware at one load. You can even keep your chopsticks or cutlery organised in one place with the new design of chopstick holder, which allowing you for better storage management. Bosch’s RackMatic® rack system allows you to adjust the height of your top or bottom rack by 5cm by manually adjusting the top rack between 2 levels even with a full load.  Its large-capacity design makes it easy to put in children’s bottles, create rooms for other large and heavy items such as wok, soup pot, bakeware and even the range hood filter can be cleaned thoroughly at just one load.

Design Flexibility:Choose the right model and fit for your kitchen

Many homeowners take pride in a good looking kitchen design. Let’s briefly look at the three types of dishwashers introduced by BOSCH: Free-standing, Built-in, and Compact models.

Freestanding:It can be installed anywhere in your kitchen.
Built-in:It can be installed under the counter in order to fit your new kitchen cabinetry to perfection, for a seamless look.
Compact:Ideal for kitchens with limited space, just install on the countertop and you are all set!

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