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AvatarOn C: The Brand New Switches from Schneider Electric that Click with You

by creativehomex

Stylish, convenient, and attractive. Designed with these values in mind, the new AvatarOn C collection from Schneider Electric combines function and design, offering homeowners a versatile collection of switches that seamlessly blends into modern home interiors.

Schneider Electric recently launched their brand new AvatarOn C collection, a range of switches with advanced functionality, via a lively virtual presentation featuring Francis Heng, Schneider Electric’s Business VP of Home & Distribution for Malaysia and Singapore, and Choo Wai Yan, Schneider Electric’s Assistant Offer Marketing Manager for Malaysia and Singapore. The event also included special guest Alex Lee, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Nu Infinity, who shared insightful design tips on how to improve our home ambience for work-from-home activities.

“At Schneider Electric, we understand that consumer demands are ever-changing, especially with the work from home (WFH) trend fast becoming part of our new normal. Homeowners and interior designers are now looking for versatile electrical products that offer a balance between function and designs without compromising users’ safety. The new AvatarOn C switches are designed with care for safety to enable a combination of up to five wiring devices in a single outlet, taking convenience to a new height,” said Francis Heng, adding that the products also come with a manual for easy self-installation.

For homeowners’ convenience, the AvatarOn C’s innovative design and compact size make it relatively easy to install in a variety of wall boxes, while the large terminal ports in the back make wiring hassle-free. Schneider Electric also announced its very first Replacement Service for its electrical products, carried out by certified electricians appointed by Schneider Electric. Now customers can purchase both their switches and also the replacement service in one go.

Functionality aside, the switches are designed with a distinct aesthetic as well. Created by award-winning designers at Schneider Electric, the AvatarOn C switches are made available with 149 variants, featuring the latest design trends with a soft-click frameless cover. The switch offers the option of three stylish colours and with matte finishes to match different interior specifications.

“For the AvatarOn C, there are three colours available – white, dark grey, and wine gold, furnished with matte finishing,” Choo Wai Yan said. “On top of this, the switches also come with a soft-click feature. When you turn the switches on and off, a softer and gentler sound is produced. This makes it an ideal switch for baby rooms or bedrooms.”

With many of us working from home at this time, it’s essential to improve our home office environment for better comfort and productivity. According to Alex Lee, acoustics, lighting, and even power point positions contribute to a more conducive, pleasing, and functional workspace at home.

“Whether it’s doing work in your home office or conducting a Zoom video call, a good-looking power point makes a difference. Most of the time, power points are hidden below the TV cabinet or tabletop. Today, considering we use many different appliances and devices daily, it’s important to ensure the design and location of power points are well-planned.”

Like power points, switches should also be well-designed. With its minimalist design, seamless features, and advanced technology, the AvatarOn C switches complement your home decor while giving you convenience and functionality.

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The AvatarOn C switches are now available in Schneider Electric’s flagship store on Shopee and Lazada, starting from only RM7.30.

For more information on Schneider Electric and its latest innovative products, please visit the official website at www.se.com/my, or follow the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SchneiderElectricMY/ for other exciting updates.

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