Home Bedroom Armarior:Full House Customisation from A-Z Transform Your Dream Into Reality!

Armarior:Full House Customisation from A-Z Transform Your Dream Into Reality!

by creativehomex

Besides practicality, furniture symbolises one’s unique lifestyle. Full house customised furniture emphasises on basic function as well as personalisation, to accommodate your personal habit, style and taste.

Let’s take a look at the 6 benefits of full house furniture customisation.

1、  Powerful functionality

Furniture customisation can be done according to your personal preference. From colour combination, material, to storage planning and etc. You will be provided with a personalised and fully functional furniture that fits your everyday habit. Comparing with ready-made furniture on the market, customised furniture can be customised from appearance to its functional requirements, and has a higher flexibility.

For example, the wardrobe can be personalised according to your preference and storage habit. One can choose clothes rails, trouser rack, laminated plates, pull baskets, drawers, jewellery tray and etc. according to your preferences and storage methods in order to plan the most suitable clothing storage space for your garments.

2、Maximise The Space Available

Customised furniture means one can decide the “depth, width and height” of the furniture in order to make the best use of every inch of the space. For instance, a built-in cabinet design fulfils the need for more storage space and it also helps to cover the flaws of the house structure or any of the odd space in the corner of your home, you can make full use of the space through customise furniture to perfectly fitting into a gap. This helps to improves space utilisation, especially in a small apartment.

3、Enhances your personal style

If you have your own personal taste, you are welcome to integrate your own creativity into your personalised furniture. You can choose colours, texture patterns, sizes and materials according to the interior style, giving you the golden chance to pair your desired designs with your favourite material. In the mean time, this is the great way to add your own style and personality into your decor through customised furniture. In essence, customising furniture fully reflects your own personal taste and allows you to share your own unique style with your guest.

4、Rich In Style

The styling of customised furniture can be a lot richer. One usually personalised the furniture according to the size of each particular space. So that the furniture could fit the condition of the space. From curved surface to some complicated styles, one can realise that by full house furniture customisation. You will be able to make your own adjustments according to your needs and preferences.

5、Uniform quality of materials

One of the primary issues with mass-production furniture is its tendency to be made with lower grade materials and finishes. While customising furniture more emphasising on value, its more favourably on both cost and quality. One can make sure that the materials used for the customised furniture are uniform. So that there will be no discrepancy when it comes to quality control. 

6、Simplifies The Flow Of Renovation

The advantage of personalising furniture is that it can help simplify the flow of house renovation. From consultation, design, sales, installation, to after-sales service, everything can be attained in one stop. Custom made furniture pieces offer your household more peace of mind.

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