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A Spectacular Sight

by creativehomex

OWNING A WELL-DESIGNED  residence brings many benefits: from visually attractive interiors to a personalized lifestyle, connected to the owner’s deepest needs and wishes. Featuring a glamorous combination of light and dark colour palettes, the interiors of this contemporary home call for a certain order in furniture arrangement.
Upon entering the space, the lounge area is visually captivating. With a towering double-volume ceiling, the area instantly feels large and majestic. But what’s exciting is the visual feast above. An attractive pattern showcasing light fixtures that changes colour as well as lavish chandeliers leads the eye upwards. And with a stylish bar counter nearby, it’s  the perfect space for throwing fun cocktail parties.



The dining room on the other hand takes on an elegant appearance. The walls are filled with decadent mouldings and framed paintings, reminding us of resplendent drawing rooms of the English. At the centre, a sleek glass-top table is surrounded by ten upholstered chairs in a soothing grey while a pair of white sculptural chandeliers above adds a glittering charm to the space. Fine-looking marble floors in a warm caramel hue complete the look and fill the house with an incomparable opulence.



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