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by creativehomex

COME DISCOVER just how sophisticated and refined these spaces are in this stylish show unit. From stunning interiors filled with urban greys and swanky metallics to simple yet highly artistic decors, the living and dining areas both have a strong visual effect. A plush leather seater comfy enough for intimate gatherings, elegant throw cushions, a sleek coffee table and chic artworks create a beautiful composition of the living while in the dining area, a streamlined table is accompanied by a white upholstered banquette and a pair of slender designer chairs. Located against a wall of dark mirrored panels, this smart furniture layout is illuminated by a row of pendant lights encased in little delicate glass shells.



Nearby, the compact kitchen is a modern ensemble of gleaming counter tops, crisp white cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliances. A white glassy backsplash blends in neatly with the overall white scheme while the ‘open-shelving’ concept lavishes the space with spatial value. Both the master bedroom and guest bedroom feature large beds dressed in fine fabrics, velvety area rugs and exquisite choices of furniture pieces. Walls are invigorated by urban elements ranging from abstract wall art to being luxuriously cladded in white marble with soft, sensuous grey veins while windows are swathed in ethereal sheers and dark, heavy linens.




Interior design firm
Rv Design (Regal Violet Sdn Bhd)

iN DESIGN Issue 49



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