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5 Best Wine Chiller Brands in Malaysia

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Fine wines, much like fine art and land, only gain in value as they age – if kept under the right conditions. For all the discerning connoisseurs who live by the words “in vino veritas”, we assembled the most dependable wine chillers here.


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With its origin as a manufacturer of electric heaters and cookers at the start of the 20th century, Belling is a literal household name in British kitchens. The 30cm wide wine chiller from Belling is designed to fit between modern cabinets and holds up to 18 wine bottles on wooden shelves, keeping them within temperatures ranges of 5 to 22 degrees Celsius behind a stainless steel framed glass door.


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Although a relatively recent entry to the field, Grübel’s 18-bottle wine chiller differentiates itself from other similarly-sized chillers with the use of a thermoelectric cooling system that entails no vibrations – since vibrations have as yet unpredictable effects on the chemical reactions in wine. The black tint of the glass door also ensures that the bottles are kept away from direct sunlight – as is required by any discerning wine drinker.


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The smallest of Liebherr’s wine chillers is capable of storing up to 34 individual 0.75-litre bottles of Bordeaux within two separate temperature zones and maintaining temperatures between 5 to 20 degrees Celsius with a high-efficiency forced air cooling system. The 60cm-wide chiller from Liebherr comes with an interchangeable glazed glass door fitted with a childproof lock and electronic touch controls.


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While most other wine chillers require placement in relatively cool indoor spaces, Tuscani’s Bellona range is equipped to provide an optimal and consistent storage environment for wine no matter where it is located. The compressor-driven cooling system ensures rapid cooling regardless of the external environment, and the triple-glazed tempered glass door ensures minimal ultraviolet light penetration.


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The other compressor-based wine chiller in this list comes from Vintec in the form of the Allure series. Like most of the other wine chillers mentioned in this list, the smallest of the Allure series comes with an interchangeable double-layered glass door that can be switched to a left-handed configuration, in addition to the expected adjustable wooden shelving and internal LED lighting for visibility.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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