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Top 5 Plaster Ceiling Specialists in Malaysia

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Besides potentially lowering your cooling costs by reducing the volume of a space, plaster ceilings serve as a means of hiding conduits and fixture mounts. So if bare concrete ceilings are not your style, or if you pine for classical cornice moulding, you may be interested in going through the following list of five local specialists in the art of plaster ceiling decoration.


Image Credit: Aathaworld

Primarily serving the construction industry at large as a general contractor, Aathaworld has a wealth of experience in dealing with nearly every aspect of construction in residential, commercial, and industrial realms. If you are looking for just one party to design, supply, and install your ceiling – and all the other considerations adjacent to it, such as ducting, electrical conduits, and fixture mounts, Aathaworld would be the contractor to reach out to.

KK Ceiling

Image Credit: KK Ceiling

With an extensive portfolio of purportedly over 4,275 individual projects consisting of homes, offices, and shops throughout the country, KK Ceiling is perhaps one of the most prolific plaster ceiling specialists in this list. Their gallery of past projects is dominated by an array of unrepeated customised designs to complement decorative themes ranging from the modern to the classical.

TL Frontings Construction

By virtue of our collective obsession with food, some of the most dramatic plaster ceiling designs can be spotted in many of the country’s eateries – one such example is the Ichiban Boshi Japanese restaurant in KL’s Pavilion mall, which was outfitted by TL Frontings to present modern cuts of suspended ceilings alongside Oriental-themed canopies composed of wood. If you are seeking for plaster ceilings that satisfy the stringent standards of the food and beverage industry, look for TL Frontings.

Ting Fung Plasterceil

Image Credit: Ting Fung Plasterceil

While just about anybody can install plaster ceilings in homes, few entities are permitted to work on high-calibre projects such as Daikin’s offices in Sungai Buloh, the Paradigm Mall in Johor, and the Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) in Ipoh – at least not without a higher degree of certification. With teams of installers certified by USG Boral (one of the five biggest manufacturers of plaster boards) Ting Fung Plasterceil would be bringing to the table the kind of professional standard expected of commercial and industrial projects.

Titan Plaster Ceiling Works

Having been founded during the height of Malaysia’s previous construction boom in 1996, Titan Plaster Ceiling Works is one of the few old-school contractors still active in the realm of home renovations. With a consistent clientele largely made up of high-rise homeowners, Titan Plaster Ceiling has proven itself capable of fitting out multiple condominiums and apartments simultaneously – as shown by its impressive portfolio, which includes developments such as the 1Sentul and Alam Puri condominiums, as well as numerous other high-rises around Bangsar South and Sunway.

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