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5 Best Water Filters in Malaysia

by chxadmin

When the colour of water discharged from the kitchen tap is suspect, the need for at least some form of rudimentary water filtration becomes obvious. For the optimum balance of convenience and dependability, we drafted the following list containing the nation’s most trusted brands of surface-mounted water purifying dispensers.


The originator of water purifying dispensers found in over half of all homes in South Korea, Coway applies the results of its dedicated research and development centre to deliver innovative water filtration products at a prolific rate. Coway’s Inception water dispenser puts your potable water supply through a robust four-piece filter system, composed of six individual treatments that remove nanoscale particles, improve the taste, and prevent the build-up of micro-organisms, to provide hot or cold ambient and alkaline water at the rate of 6.3 litres per hour.

Image Credit: Coway


The next most prevalent brand of water purification and dispensing systems for homes, Cuckoo delivers the expected features of dispensing water at various temperatures on demand, with the added certainty of a six-stage and four-piece filter system in the Fusion Top water dispenser. The extra-wide design of the Fusion Top makes for a roomier receiving area that easily accomodates the filling of bowls, while the detachable faucet and spill tray make for effortless maintenance.

Image Credit: Cuckoo


As the realm of water filtration may have a reputation for being rife with psuedoscience, Diamond stands by its position as the original detractor from bandwagons of alternative water treatments such as re-mineralised water and reverse osmosis filtration. With a wealth of academic backing in the form of published studies, the Diamond Coral series applies Japanese ingenuity with a collection of wholly unique filters composed of natural materials including diatomite sediment, coral calcium, mineralized stone and ceramics, in addition to activated carbon derived from coconut shells and bamboo to dispense the kind of mildly-alkaline water that is considered to be suitable for regular consumption.

Image Credit: Diamond


A homegrown brand of water purifying dispensers, Nesh aims to supply conveniences overlooked by most other providers with the Life Water Filtration System. Occasionally referred to as the 4312, this water dispenser does not require electricity to operate, or lengthy maintenance commitments to keep in working order. The compact and uncomplicated design of the 4312 enables it to be transported and installed with ease, and the slim anti-bacterial case carries a purported 12-stage filtration system hidden within the confines of a handy filter cartridge that can be replaced by hand.

Image Credit: Nesh


The global electronics giant with a research and development plan projected a full decade into the future, Panasonic provides the epitome in water purifying dispensers with the TK-AS65-ZMA. This piece of space age equipment features electrolytic self-cleaning and the complete line-up of proven water filtration and purification technologies contained within a single cartridge. The single cartridge is rated for one year of use and can be replaced without the aid of a technician despite its high-tech contents of an electrolyzer rated for 850 hours of continuous use, filter materials based on non-woven engineered fabrics, granular and powdered activated carbon particles, as well as hollow fiber membranes.

Image Credit: Panasonic

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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