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Top 5 Bakeware in Malaysia to Buy

by chxadmin

After selecting a layout for your kitchen, and fitting it with your preferred finishing materials and appliances, you may have successfully concluded a test of your kitchen’s design by way of a house warming meal – but we’re of the opinion that a kitchen isn’t truly tested until someone tries to bake a cake in it. If you’ve already sorted out your built-in oven and refrigerator, we recommend going through this list for the most useful and dependable bakeware to include in your kitchen.

BigSpoon Kitchenware Bakecraft Non-Stick Pans

Image Credit: BigSpoon

Malaysia’s own online retail platform dedicated entirely to kitchenware carries nearly a dozen different varieties of Bakecraft baking pans – with round and square pans ranging in size between eight to nine inches, and each coated with a proprietary non-stick layer on the inside. The pictured Spring Form Pan is a 7.1-centimetre (or 2.7-inch) deep baking tray that is available in both eight and nine inch diameters, and it features an intuitive steel clasp that can be sprung open to release baked goods with little effort.

Delima Home Fackelmann Baking Set

Image credit: Delima Home

As a German manufacturer of kitchenware eying its 100th year of operation on the near horizon, Fackelmann is a company that knows exactly what to provide as an introductory baking kit for the budding baker. Through Malaysia’s online platform for everything in the home, Delima Home – Fackelmann provides us with the bare essentials in their playfully coloured baking set. The Fackelmann Baking Set includes a rolling pin, a 33-centimetre long mixing spoon, in addition to the requisite non-stick trays for a loaf of bread, a pizza, a square cake, and up to 12 muffins at a time.

Ikea Sockerkaka Bakeware

Image Credit: Ikea

From everybody’s favourite provider of Scandinavian furnishings and décor comes the Sockerkaka (or “Sugar Cake”) range of baking accessories. Apparently designed for younger bakers, the Sockerkaka collection includes pink cupcake moulds in addition to a baking mat and plastic knife. Being made of silicone rubber, the pictured cupcake moulds are perfectly safe for use in dishwashers, freezers, and microwaves or ovens up to the maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

KitchenAid Classic Nonstick Cake Pan with Lid

Image Credit: KitchenAid

With an already extensive experience in and around the kitchen, KitchenAid provides an innovative piece of bakeware in the form of a non-stick baking tray equipped with a sturdy, clear plastic cover to remove some of the complications that come with baking for gifting or preparing for a potluck party. The 9 by 13 inch, two-inch deep pan accommodates a sizable amount of baked goods – and with the fastening of the cover’s clamps, your cake or brownies are immediately prepared for safe transport, without the need to empty the pan and transfer its contents into a separate container.

Spotlight Stores Mondo Alphabet Cutter Set

Image Credit: Spotlight Stores

Upon having the basics of baking down pat, an aspiring baker needs to begin absorbing the finer points of cake detailing with accessories such as icing spatulas, dispensers, and spreaders. But while the art of decorating a cake with icing requires a swift and sure hand much like the application of stucco does, the pictured Mondo Alphabet Cutter Set provides bakers with the ability to easily decorate cakes with words of their choice using the set’s 26 individual steel cutters – one for each uppercase character of the standard English alphabet. The alphabet cutters are housed inside of a shallow, round tin – making for easy transport and storage in the average kitchen.

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