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5 Best Bread Toasters in Malaysia to Buy

by chxadmin

Many of humanity’s innovations are often whimsically labelled “the best thing since sliced bread”, but few inventions can actually lay claim to that comically lofty title with any seriousness – unless we’re talking about the ubiquitous bread toaster. Even with a kitchen appliance as simple as the bread toaster, there exists a range of quality: from unknown brands beholden to the customs of planned obsolescence, to the hand-built Rolls Royce of toasters – the Dualit. To help you find a decent device that won’t bust the bank, we listed the five most dependable bread toasters in Malaysia here.



Image Credit: Electrolux

The EASYLINE™ Bread Toaster from Electrolux sets the standard for what to expect in an uncomplicated device: a pair of slots just wide enough for two halves of a bagel, a manual lift lever that doubles as a start switch, a rotary knob for selecting one of seven levels of browning, individual buttons for cancelling, defrosting, or reheating operations, an easily removable crumb tray and a lift lever for a pair of bun racks – in case you intend to reheat some robust pieces of bread that don’t quit fit through the slots.


Image Credit: KitchenAid

In a field occupied by toasters with mechanical controls, the KitchenAid 5KMT223GOB differentiates itself with its LCD screen and digital progress bars where ordinarily one would have to depend on estimates based on prior usage. Unlike the other entries in this list – which are equipped with levers to manually lift toast out of cavities, this particular toaster from KitchenAid is the only entry in this list to feature a motorised lift rather than a manual lever or the sometimes inconsistent spring-loaded mechanisms of tradition. Much like KitchenAid’s other countertop offerings, this toaster is available in an Onyx Black finish, or Empire Red to match the signature shade of the brand.


Image Credit: Panasonic

Appliances with heating elements tend to consume the most electricity in the average home, making the selection of energy-efficient devices all the more critical in the present age of ecological conscientiousness. With a power consumption rating of 680 watts, Panasonic’s NT-GP1WSK toaster is the most energy-efficient entry in this list. Panasonic extends their experiences with other home appliances to this particular toaster by incorporating multiple fail-safes: a safety thermal fuse to prevent the device from shorting out a home’s electrical switchboard, and a thermostatic control to shut-off the heating filaments when bread begins to burn.


Image Credit: Philips

Philips provides us with another basic offering that integrates all the requisite features expected of a 21st-century bread toaster: eight individual levels of browning selected via a rotary control knob – with variable power consumption levels to match, integrated cord storage for mobility, and a thermostatic-controlled automatic shut-off that prevent the combustion of burnt bread. Philips’ HD2581/91 toaster from their Daily Collection series of appliances is relatively lightweight – making transportation easier, and it is available in jet black for those who don’t want their toaster blending in with the rest of the kitchen.


Image Credit: Tefal

At first glance, the unusual profile makes it clear that this is no ordinary toaster. In addition to a handy removable tray to collect the inevitable crumbs and a simple lever to help lift toast out of the cavities, perhaps the most innovative feature of this particular toaster would be the peripheral trays used to cook other items while taking advantage of the residual heat: a warming tray for keeping prepared meats warm, a steaming tray, and a egg poaching tray. As dictated by French protocol, Tefal’s toaster also features slots wide enough to accommodate sliced bread alternatives such as muffins, croissants, or bagels.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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