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5 Best Awning Suppliers in Malaysia

by chxadmin

We’ve all been there – you work through the week and look forward to relaxing in the garden but the sun is out in full force to convince you that the weekend might be better spent indoors. Since a lot of us enjoy a spell of alfresco relaxation every now and then, we figured it would be appropriate if we went ahead and listed our top five awning suppliers in the country for your perusal.

City Shade

Image Credit: City Shade

Anyone who has eaten out at one of the many restaurants around the country would have likely sat beneath some of City Shade’s works. City Shade’s retractable and loop awnings line the exteriors of Malaysia’s high-end cafes and run-of-the-mill eateries, including both the retail coffee giants, and nearly every restaurant in the Klang Valley with a bit of sidewalk space. Being the owners of the Francia brand of acrylic canvases, City Shade also supplies many of the parasols that dot Malaysia’s outdoor courtyards. Despite their apparent preference for fabric awnings, City Shade does not shy away from constructing wooden and steel pergolas, or other roofing solutions, and topping them with glass or polycarbonate.

De Skylight

Image Credit: De Skylight

The aluminum framed and polycarbonate or glass topped offerings of De Skylight appoint the entrances of numerous government institutions and commercial buildings around Kuala Lumpur, including a certain fast-food chain that has been updating their outlets to bridge the gap between burger joint and café. While most of De Skylight’s portfolio consists of modern constructions, they also partake in the design and construction of pergolas out of wood or wrought iron to complement tropical-leaning homes.

Inhome Engineering Works

Image Credit: Inhome Engineering Works

While most of the other entries in this list largely dabble in commercial projects, In Home Engineering Works focuses almost exclusively on residential properties. With their factory and showroom in Cheras, homeowners are able to view and handle a complete range of pergolas, canopies, and awnings made of aluminum, steel, or ornamental wrought iron. If a transparent awning does not appeal to you, they are also able to construct whole roofing systems composed of Alumbond panels.


Image Credit: Supercool

With anyone else, the visual effects of your new awning are largely unknown at least until it is completely installed – but by then you may have no choice but to accept the result. Supercool differentiates itself by providing 3D sketches as a means of previewing what your new awning will look like before it gets installed. In addition to the ability to preview your awning, Supercool also provides laminated glass panels that significantly reduce the daytime temperatures one would normally expect with a pane of glass under the onslaught of full sunshine.

Vintechnic Skylight

Image Credit: Vintechnic Skylight

Glass, polycarbonate, wood, wrought iron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and metal roofing – Vintech Skylight apparently does all of the above and more. While their wood and mild steel constructions are less likely to be seen outside of residential properties, their metal roofs can be spotted providing shade at a surprising number of commercial and industrial properties.

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