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White Strides: 5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your All-White Kitchen

by chxadmin

When we last covered the subject of colour in the kitchen, we outlined a number of other shades that can be used and their subtle effects on your cooking space – but if you decided to stick with a largely white palette in the kitchen, we have some pointers on how that all-white space can be personalised to suit individual tastes.

Contrasting Arrangements

Interior design by: Yong Studio

The overwhelmingly common result of opting for architectural finishes in white is an overly monotonous expanse devoid of detail or depth – Yong Studio counters this expected result with the selection of glossy white tiles to counter the matte finish of the surrounding surfaces, and arranges the tiles in a brick pattern to disrupt the standard grid arrangement of the floor tiles and the right angles of the cabinetry.

Wooden Accents

Image Credit: DMZ Consultancy

While a glossy white expanse may have been considered a characteristic of modern interiors some time in the past, emerging trends reveal the use of wood to be increasing in tandem with the world’s maturing ecological consciousness. Framing glossy white panels in pale wood produces a lightweight décor similar to those observed in the temperate climates of Northern Europe, but this kitchen in the tropics is given a regal streak with panels of dark wood to contain the glossy white.

Reflective Planes

Interior design by: Jashen Interior Design

Smaller kitchens – such as the pictured galley decorated by Jashen Interior Design, stand to gain a visual expansion with the addition of mirrored panels on various surfaces around the countertops. The neutral palette of this diminutive kitchen is reflected in kaleidoscopic fashion, with the incorporation of a mirrored backsplash and splatter screen beside the stovetop to provide an expansion of the space on two different axes.

Backlit Cabinetry

Image Credit: Regal Violet

Decorated by Regal Violet, this kitchen projects a stereotypically clean image with its composition in glossy all-white surfaces and stainless steel fixtures. In an exercise of subtle juxtaposition that is characteristic of their style, Regal Violet incorporates a warm visual element in the form of  dim yellow light spilling out the frosted glass cabinet doors to provide a measure of stimulating contrast against the potentially sterile décor.

Vivid Highlights

Interior design by: Turn Design Interior

Diversions from the neutral palette may require some courage, but the result can be a surprisingly spirited décor. With a simple switch in colour on the backsplash and the front face of the kitchen island, Turn Design Interior enlivens what would otherwise be a relatively plain décor with cheerful dashes of yellow.

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