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Vibrant Shades: Dinny Interior Design

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A neutral palette to expand the space, with liberal splashes of colour to enliven and personalise.

Decorated by Dinny Interior Design, this compact home demonstrates an immaculate white expanse sprinkled with measured doses of colour for vibrancy. The foyer of the home is awash in the warm glow of a nearby lighting fixture, the white walls giving off a peach tone in response to the light. An L-shaped counter is formed out of a plain bar-height surface to contain the entrance and hold it separate from the rest of the open layout, while the black box pipe legs of minimalist influence enable a view into the seating lounge at the far end. An all-white kitchenette occupies the space on the opposite wall, mirroring the footprint of the casual dining arrangement in an exercise of symmetry.

Cream Overtone: The largely white architectural finishes express subtle shades of peaches and cream when presented under the soft yellow lighting.

Beyond the culinary space, an unexpected volume of air is revealed above the seating lounge – the ceiling here is raised to the upper level, making room for additional windows to bathe the furniture in natural light. Reflecting the dimensions of the air well, a complex geometric motif is presented on a carpet coloured in the same palette as the rest of the space – with accents of blue, grey, and brown against a background of white.

Surprising Volume: The seating lounge contains an unexpected feature for a home of this size – a double-height ceiling providing the open layout with an additional source of sunlight and a view from the bedroom above.

The colours are echoed in the surrounding furniture and decorations: deeply calming shades of blue expressed in the upholstery of the sofa and accompanying footstools; animalistic brown displayed in the rich fabric of the blackout curtains; a lone ottoman bridging the gap between white and brown by variously appearing as cream or tan depending on the lighting; while a pair of Anglophilic throw pillows introduce a tricolour palette that is to reappear in the bedrooms.

The adjacent dining space is furnished with a glass surface mounted on legs of carbon-coated metal pipes and an accompaniment of chairs upholstered in grey fabric. Punctuating this formal dining corner is a warm glow cast by the standing lamp of surprising design, while the colours of the space converge on an array of portraits depicting the characters of a widely-adored fictional universe.

Warm Glows: Lighting fixtures fitted with warm white bulbs cast golden glows that complement with both the darker hues of the dining corner and the kitchen’s largely white palette.

A foray up the stairs to the private spaces of this home reveals a change in palette – in exchange for a warmer ambiance, the white expanse is reduced with the use of wood in flooring, accent walls, and furniture frames throughout the upper level, while the tricolour palette is liberally applied to the bedding and decorations of both bedrooms.

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