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Trendy Features for a Highly Efficient Kitchen

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A good-looking kitchen should be hard-working as well. Here are few designer tips to show you how to create an efficiently elegant kitchen.

You may want a large kitchen, thinking that the more spacious it is, the more space you have to work with. That’s a misperception because when it comes to efficiency, a high performance kitchen is one that has everything you need within easy reach. So whether you have a big cookspace or a mini open kitchen, the important thing is to have both the task area and storage space at strategic locations.

Image Credit: Rackbuddy

One way to achieve this is to have a well-planned kitchen. Make sure there’s comfortable space to move around but ensure appliances are not so far apart, you seem to be running around constantly. Another way to enhance the efficiency of your kitchen space is to incorporate storage spaces that help to keep frequently-used tools at convenient spots while stowing away things that would clutter your countertop.

Hanging Out

Image Credit: Rackbuddy

Think about using the space between the kitchen counter and the ceiling to keep your cooking tools. Hover a floating shelf to store your saucepans and pots, or even wine glasses, as these usually take up a lot of space to store in the cabinets. The best spot is above a kitchen island over your sink. In this example, the designer has gone for a unique hanging rail with cables and hooks. It’s also fitted with little bulbs to give it a functional yet fashionable appeal. Everything else is kept pristinely white to maintain a chic and contemporary look.

Close Proximity

Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

Plan your cabinets according to how you use them. Tuck appliances neatly into the built-in cabinet and ensure you have optimal countertop space. Situate items that you commonly use together near to each other. Even simple touches such as elevating and organizing your spice collection so that it’s easy to see can improve your experience of using your kitchen.

Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

Thanks to its well-placed elements, this kitchen is clean, minimalist, and has an inviting look. The designer has made good use of the available space, which reduces clutter. The addition of the yellow backsplash is a nice touch to give this kitchen a bright focal point.

Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

Cabinet Concepts

Interior design by: Architrio Design

When it comes to planning your cabinets, keep in mind the ease of use. Go for cabinets that create a seamless transition. This is highly important if it’s an open kitchen that looks out towards the main living area. Ensure the entire theme and palette are cohesive.

White cabinets with wood outlines and sleek accents blend beautifully with the living room of this bungalow. Everything has also been designed for maximum convenience. Note how the ovens and the refrigerator are designed as part of the cabinets, while a breakfast nook helps to demarcate the kitchen area.

Interior design by: Architrio Design. Tip: Linear forms in the kitchen afford a visually clean and sophisticated outlook. These streamlined shapes can also be used as benches and concealed storage units to make the kitchen more efficient.

Multifunctional Integration

As the hardest working space in the house, the kitchen will clutter easily. Each time you cook, you would need many different tools and gadgets, and these quickly fill up your counter space. One of the best ways to make sure you have all you need yet maintain a clean and clutter-free cookspace is to integrate and conceal different features within your cabinet design.

Interior design by: Hugi-Küchen AG

This kitchen is the perfect example of how an integrated kitchen works. With its high gloss white and black glass, this kitchen features floor to ceiling units that provide plenty of storage spaces while accommodating the sink, ovens, microwave and coffee machine all on one wall. There is an island unit created with black glass units and white Corian top. Special glass fronts reflect the light creating an ambience of lightness and transparency. The sink area is also enhanced with under-mounted lighting.

Streamline Style
Image Credit: Nice-Style Refurbishment
Image Credit: Nice-Style Refurbishment

For smaller kitchens where you don’t have the luxury of a lot of countertop space, go for under counter storage spaces and opt for wall cabinets. It’s also important not to store too many things on the countertop. If possible, opt for a built-in pantry spaces to store your groceries. Otherwise you may want to consider a second wet kitchen.

Image Credit: Nice-Style Refurbishment
Image Credit: Nice-Style Refurbishment

In this condo’s open kitchen, a linear kitchen helps to maintain a sense of spaciousness. Cabinets are also kept sleek and clean. The addition of the breakfast table in the centre offers extra work space and adds on a creative touch to the overall setting.

Article by: Lily Wong

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