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Designer Style: Top 10 Designer Condo Homes with a Myriad of Unique Creative Ideas

by chxadmin

Here are some of the most unique and memorable condominium interiors encountered in Malaysia to provide you with some exceptional decorating ideas.

#10. Turn Design‘s modern contemporary The Treez condominium

The living area in this home resembles a sky lounge with the futuristic bar and its stone countertop. There’s a see-through niche and a glass door to the kitchen with one of those commercial-grade faucets over the sink. The bedroom is a combination of entertainment centre and work station, presumably so that one could read mission briefings while watching the news.

#9. Mode Interior‘s urban luxury Tropicana Grande condominium

This relatively large unit provided the designer with plenty of space to work their magic with a wide variety of intriguing textures on the walls and in the furnishings. The seating area contains a grand leather sofa set around a high-pile carpet with zebra print and the feature wall displays the prized collection of an action figure connoisseur. The bathroom is perhaps the most memorable part of this home, with its circular standing tub standing prominently by the windows.

#8. Jashen Interior Design‘s contemporary Park 51 Residency condominium

This studio unit utilises an arrangement of mirrors in parallel to create the illusion of an infinitely wider space. The dining, seating, and sleeping areas are ingeniously combined – separated by a section of wall serving as the headboard of the bed that ends in a half wall with a glass partition bearing geometric accents. The monochrome prints of Audrey Hepburn signal the transition from dining nook to seating and sleeping areas, with her iconic front-facing lip painting pose in the dining area followed by a less often reproduced print from the same series on the back face.

#7. Design Integra‘s traditional colonial 9 Bukit Utama condominium

Designer: Design Integra

This interior of this unit is majestically decorated with an eclectic combination of patterns and colours: geometric lines are juxtapositioned with floral prints and bathed in an impressive blend of gold and champagne. The dry kitchen is segregated from the rest of the space by a island counter veneered in stone and wood. The master bathroom features a unique arrangement of walkthough shower with a built-in tub.

#6. Gusto Design‘s modern contemporary Tropicana Grande condominium

The seating area consists of a curved sofa set encircling an oriental carpet. The dining area ceiling features an arrangement of wood panels pulling double duty as a treatment for both aesthetics and acoustics. The dry kitchen’s island counter and walls are dominated by glossy white, with some darker reflective panels framing the space and contrasting one wall against the others. This being the Tropicana Grande, this unit’s master bathroom has the standing tub in the same position as the unit mentioned earlier in this list – that is, right up against the windows.

#5. X Dimension‘s modern contemporary Five Stones condominium

Visitors passing through the foyer of this unit will encounter a unique water feature, one probably not seen in any other high-rise residential unit. The open floor plan present a range of attractive patterns and textures on walls, including the wood chevron of the seating area’s feature wall and the shutters dominating the walls of the bedroom.

#4. SNG Conceptwerke‘s modern contemporary AraGreens Residences condominium

This unit’s floors are uniquely composed of weathered wood planks. The most striking feature of this interior, aside from the breathtaking view, would be the unique vaulted ceiling pattern – from which hangs a modern interpretation of the chanderlier. The bedroom contains a novel surprise with the open plan melding the bathroom on a raised platform with the rest of the bedroom.

#3. Latitude Design‘s modern contemporary La Thea Residences condominium

The most visually striking aspect of this unit’s design can be found in the bedroom – the shutters over the windows are contrasted against the vertical orientation of the wood planks that make up the bed’s headboard. The other bedroom of this unit has a walk-in wardrobe with glass walls, enabling this storage area to become a display case with its contents visible from the outside.

#2. Nu Infinity‘s modern contemporary DC Residensi condominium

This unit has so much to like about it: the curved windows, the plush furnishings, the use of a largely neutral palette accented with an abundance of greenery, the marble feature wall behind the television, and the high-pile rugs with animalistic speckles of natural colours.

#1. X Two Concept‘s modern contemporary Setia Sky Residence condominium

The view from this unit’s balcony was already unbeatable, but the inclusion of the artificial grass flooring here makes this space even more enjoyable. The view of the skyline from the living room is interrupted with a strip of green and made even more striking by the ample sunlight. The bathroom is segregated from the bedroom by the bold use of glass, enabling natural light to illuminate both spaces.


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