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Best Bathroom Accessories in Malaysia

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While bathroom accessories may seem like an afterthought when it comes to bathroom design, they add personality and a charming touch to your bathing space. Here are some of the best brands that offer exquisite bathroom accessories to help to enhance your bathroom atmosphere.

Mention beautiful bathroom, and Duravit comes to mind. The brand stands for successful, attractive design where collections are created by internationally renowned designers and manufactured with the utmost care and precision, offering superb planning flexibility down to the very last detail. Duravit bathroom accessories provides just the perfect finishing touch for contemporary bathrooms. Their new accessory line “Starck T”, a collaboration between Duravit and Philippe Stack, features the geometric “T” shape as the defining design feature of the series.

“Starck T” by Duravit

Timeless design. And quality that lasts a lifetime. Again and again GROHE products surprise users with unique features that provide ‘Pure Freude an Wasser’.To complete a stylish and harmonious bathroom design, the GROHE Essentials master bathroom accessory set does a pretty great job. German engineered to last a lifetime, the five-in-one set includes a towel ring, towel rail (600mm), robe hook, toilet paper holder and holder with soap dish – everything you need to make your bathroom a pleasure to visit. GROHE Essentials accessories – precision craftsmanship, highest quality materials and style that lasts. We think it’s the perfect finishing touch for bathrooms of all designs!

GROHE Essentials

Using Japanese ideas and technologies to maximize limited space, INAX generates spaciousness by giving the function of a shelf to the products. The bathroom accessories range from the S600 LINE pursues the sense of cleanliness rooted in Japanese culture and the ease of cleaning. Combining the square shape, representing architecture, and the oval shape, representing human beings, the squoval is a design which is easy to use and fits beautifully with architecture. Above all, the S600 LINE incorporates universal designs cultivated in Japan that allow for intuitive use of the products regardless of the user’s age or physical characteristics.

S600 LINE from Inax

A brand synonymous with quality and style, KOHLER offers a wide range of designer bathroom and kitchen products including luxury toilets, showers, taps, baths and enclosures plus many others. To add flair to bathrooms, KOHLER innovative bathroom accessories complete your bathroom design immaculately. From towel bars and toilet tissue holders to robe hooks and small shelves, their contemporary accessory collections are an easy way to add convenience to your space, offering you an easy way to mix and match or coordinate accessories with the style and finish of your faucets.

Brands are presented alphabetically in this listical.

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