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Swanky Sophistication: Classical Ambitions Framed in Modern Style

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An abundance of reflective surfaces and straight lines imbue this home with an elegant and persistently sparkling interior.

Decorated by Zids Design, this home incorporates a selection of reflective materials in straight cuts with a sprinkling of choice accents, to inject shades of turquoise and to soften the modern lines dominating the interior. The entryway – clad in stone and framed with recessed light, presents the depiction of a ballet dancer striking a variation of the arabesque pose on a swirling background of turquoise, with arms trailing behind to create an illusion of movement that guides attention towards the rest of the home.

The use of turquoise is carried over to the seating lounge with the inclusion of throw pillows on the dark grey upholstery. The modern low-back seats form a cozy corner in front of the television wall – a subtle plane of grey interrupted by horizontal reflective bands that seem to merge with the brightly-lit floor-to-ceiling shelving. A single neo-classical armchair, upholstered in white, is included in this arrangement to provide a measure of contrast in form as well as shade.

The ground floor open-layout is retained with the loft-inspired use of teal curtains to separate the seating and dining spaces on either side of the stairs. The stairway to the upper floor is bedecked in black floor tiles and forms a small alcove with railings of steel and glass panels. The space beneath the stairs is utilised to include organic elements in the form of potted plants, which are elegantly lit from beneath by hidden lighting.

The culinary space is formed with a unique dining set – an oval glass top atop a jet-black mount shaped like a figure eight and accompanied by armless dining chairs that combine backs reminiscent of the two-ring Channel logo with black velvet seats, cabriolet front legs, and sabre rear legs. The feature wall of the dining space presents a series of discrete storage cabinets and display shelves backed with mirrors that reflect the glow from a lavish collection of spirits.

Epicurean Elegance: A hefty dose of elegance is added with the novel curves of the armless dining chairs and glass tabletop.

Separating the dining space from the adjacent kitchen is a bar with a reflective front panel that is interrupted by a single strip of light along the foot rail. The backs of the bar stools match the nearby dining chairs, with seats that seem to transition from a dusty grey while in shadow to Mountbatten pink under the spotlights.

The adjacent kitchen is left open, combining speckled black counters with a modern bar by the dining set as a means of separation between the two spaces.


Revelry in Ultraviolet: The veritable heart of this home is the entertainment centre, contained within a specially designated room filled with plush leather upholstery, decorated with nightclub-styled lighting and sparkling violet-coloured walls.


Subtle Grace: This bedroom is saturated in various shades of grey – light on walls and darker in furnishings, with a white chair being the sole exception. The bed platform and custom headboard are upholstered in a darker shade of grey bordering on charcoal, offset by the lighter grey walls and adjoining bedside tables.


Nestling Crèche: The white walls of this child’s bedroom are contrasted against liberal uses of teal and turquoise in furnishings and decorations to create a vibrant space for the young occupant. The bed seemingly merges into the corner of the room, the illusion augmented by a platform lit from below and a headboard composed of circular panels mounted on the wall.


Intimate Opulence: The master bedroom is richly decorated with red velvet upholstery and wallpaper embodying a modern interpretation of Victorian wall coverings. Intricate lights hang from the ceiling on both sides of the platform bed which features a sophisticated headboard made up of a button-back upholstery panel and lit reflective surfaces.

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