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This 2,400sqft Condo Merges Wood and Marble in Perfect Harmony

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Wood and marble meet luxurious details in this minimalist condo designed by Nu Infinity to achieve a spacious and sophisticated outcome.

At 2,400 sqft, space was still a concern for the client who recently shifted to this new condo from a landed property. Responding to the client’s request for a spacious and minimalist atmosphere, Nu Infinity employed a series of innovative ideas to fully optimize the layout while ensuring everything is presented in a luxurious way.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

According to Nu Infinity’s designers, one of their key solutions was extending the dining area to create a larger sense of space. “We sacrificed one extra bedroom to open up a new space to cater for a larger dining area,” they say. “With the columns and beams still in the way, it did not stop us from taking up the opportunity in framing up an art piece of the dining area.”

To enhance the space, the dining table faces a large feature wall adorned with wood details and large mirrors. The design team explains further: “The minimalist dining feature wall has a perfect combination of humble wood grain with a distinguished timber strip detail on the side. What I love most here is the unique customized organic-shaped mirrors that make the dining feature wall so fun and quirky. The grey mirrors now play a significant impact in enlarging the impression of the living room.”

From the dining space, the space flows seamlessly to the living room where a beautiful composition of earthy-toned furniture pieces complement the combination of marble and timber. “It’s interesting to see how cold marble and warm timber could merge into one space,” the designers share. “The dining side is where the timber stands out as a main highlight and on the TV wall at the living room, the marble feature proudly parades itself as the main focal point.” Nu Infinity further remarks that this approach offers a perfect combination by merging two extraordinary elements into creating a balanced contrast to achieve a cozy and comfortable living space.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

Likewise, balance and proportion are key to ensuring the kitchen integrates aesthetically with the rest of the home. The standout feature would be the cantilevered countertop which creates a streamlined look to match the cookspace decked in grey.

“In most apartments there will be an issue with insufficient worktop in the kitchen,” the design team says. “Here you get to see how we incorporated a floating tabletop that gracefully parades itself as an extension to the kitchen counter. With proper calculations and reinforcement, there was no need for any additional support beneath and this gives the kitchen a more spacious outcome”

Interior design: Nu Infinity

Nu Infinity also points out that the timber ceiling feature that spans across the condo was designed to create a natural flow to separate the living from the kitchen area. “As you enter, the ceiling design gives a dramatic perspective of the corridor that leads to the bedroom.”

In the master bedroom, the design team implemented exceptional dual-function carpentry work to create a highly effective space. Over at the main wall, a TV cabinet reveals itself when it is opened; when closed, it becomes a stylish display cabinet. This interior treatment ensures the bedroom is clutter-free and spacious while daylight that streams in from the windows set off a bright and cosy ambience.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

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