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Pastoral Hues: A Modern Bungalow Transported to the Countryside

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A bungalow is transformed into a modern countryside cottage by being saturated in a pale shade of pastel blue and sprinkled with decorative features in rustic flavours.

Decorated by Nice Style, this bungalow combines elements of rural life in the Old West with 19th century decorative trim updated to the modern era with touches of minimalism in the design of furnishings and a few selected architectural features. The bungalow appears as an archetypal country cottage even from a distance, with an unfenced yard and architectural features of classical design in the brickwork base, arched window frames, and a set of dormer windows projecting from the roof. While the countryside theme is supplemented on the interior of this home by the saturation of walls in pastel blue and the generous use of rustic features, the inclusion of an occasional minimalist element serves to subtly modernize the décor.

From the arched doorway at the entrance, whitewashed segments of wood siding panels are vertically oriented below a chair rail that is defined in black moulding. The black chair rail runs across the majority of the pastel blue walls in the open layout space, turning into white countertops in the dry kitchen. The jet black trim is transported to the ceiling in the seating lounge beside the foyer, magnified to robust proportions and repeated to create a grid litby recessed lighting. The black trim reappears to define the nearby archway, lending the classical interior a minimalist streak along with the slender legs of the rectangular coffee table.


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The country theme is transported to other spaces such as the wet kitchen and bedrooms by way of repeating the vertical wood siding occupying the lower field of walls and classical trim decorating the front faces of cabinets and wardrobes. The furnishings project hints of modern influence in contrast to the prevalence of rustic influences in this home, most subtly in the designs of the shelving and most prominently in the minimalist leaning designs of seating.

Ranch Dining: As with the rest of this open layout, the spacious dining area is saturated in pastel blue while bearing impressions of old west ranch living in the framed images and white-washed vertical wood siding below the chair rail on walls.

Country Kitchen: The wet kitchen exudes traditional late 19th century influences in the arched window frames and classically-accented cabinets painted in a more vivid shade of blue.


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Rustic Bedchambers: The country theme extends to the bedrooms, where one is saturated in pastel green while the other retains the same shade of pastel blue on walls and wardrobe doors. The classic decorative features reappear on the furnishings in this bedroom with vertical wood siding along with the trimming on cabinets and drawers.


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Transitional Designs: The furnishings combine modern sensibilities with classical tendencies appearing in the decorative moulding on cabinet doors and impressions of wooden siding on walls.


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Enveloping Shade: The unassuming lines of vertical wood siding and classic trim make their reappearance in this bedroom, with pastel blue giving way to dark grey on walls and cabinets around the bed.

Classical Emphasis: The affection for traditional countryside style is punctuated in the bedroom and adjoining bathroom with the reappearance of the same shaded statement lighting fixtures seen previously in the dining space.


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