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Stylish Outdoor Concepts for a Lush Ambience

by chxadmin

Increase your exterior appeal with lush green outdoor spaces. Check out these Mother Nature-approved garden ideas.

Outdoor spaces like patios, yards, gardens or al fresco are wonderful additions to homes. Consider yourself lucky if you have these spaces. To make good use of them, a well-designed area with a lush and cosy ambience is priority. These can be done using outdoor furniture as well as accents and accessories that are inspired by nature.

Wood is a wonderful material for the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with synthetic textures. Additionally, lighting and water features help to create that back-to-nature feeling without overwhelming the space. If you like entertaining outdoors, there are plenty of ways to turn that poolside or al fresco into a party space as well.

Rattan Revival

Woven rattan furniture is a versatile, weather-friendly choice for outdoor spaces. Combined with chic accessories, rattan can offer a very contemporary look that’s immediately pleasing. Make sure they are well-maintained and always keep them out of direct sunlight.

Image Credit: Cuckooland

The al fresco of this home has a touch of modern rustic style to it that’s warm and welcoming but sophisticated as well. The use of rattan furniture for both the outdoor area and the semi-outdoor patio opens up the space with a bright and interesting touch.

Delicate Details
Image Credit: Lights4Fun
Image Credit: Lights4Fun
Image Credit: Lights4Fun
Image Credit: Lights4Fun

Small details may seem like trivial elements for your outdoor space, but they actually help to enhance the atmosphere without drawing attention away from your key features. You may want a space surrounded by greenery; this works to a certain extent, as too many plants may make the space feel claustrophobic. Here’s where things like a water feature or outdoor lighting can bring balance to the overall theme. In this example, fairy lights are placed around the pergola to blend in with the overgrown plants. A wooden piece of outdoor furniture set beautifully anchors the space while lamps and other decorative features help to create a composition with a variety of textures.

Image Credit: Lights4Fun

Outdoor Cookout

Image Credit: Chaplins Furniture

For those who love entertaining outdoors, it’s possible to bring the cooking experience outside – thanks to chef stations complete with all the cooking tools you need as well as a kitchen sink. You can go for a movable kitchen unit or a built-in one; but as the latter require plumbing and electric, you would need help from a professional. Material choices are important as the kitchen will be exposed to the elements.

Image Credit: Chaplins Furniture

For this outdoor kitchen unit by the poolside, the designer has chosen an L-shape model with a BBQ grill at the side. A kitchen sink is also included for convenience. Made from aluminium, this model is hardy against sun and rain. Stainless steel or ceramic appliances also work great for all weather conditions, are very durable, and require low maintenance.

Garden Variety

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a sizeable garden. So take full advantage of it to increase the appeal of your exterior spaces. Look at the theme, style and types of material used for your home’s facade when you plan your garden. Make sure the material choices complement the outlook of your house’s exterior.

Design by: One Roof Design

In this excellent example, the garden employs the use of many raw materials to blend in with the bungalow’s sleek and contemporary facade. For example, cement and stone slab pavements. However, there are plenty of natural features incorporated too – the water feature by the wall and the stretch of lush green grass on the side balance the outdoor design beautifully.

Wood Works

Design by: A Piece of Art

For semi-outdoor spaces, consider using a wood-dominant palette. This creates a sense of tropical aesthetics that reflect our Malaysian landscape. Complement the theme with plenty of plants to infuse a fresh and welcoming ambience. Also add on small details and exotic features to bring out the look and feel of the space. In this outdoor room, timber dominates the space. Hardwood is used for the flooring, furniture and beautiful ornaments accompanied by handcrafted elements to bring out a unique look. This results in a distinctive tropical rainforest feel, lending an exotic yet earthy appeal to the space.

Design by: A Piece of Art

Article by: Lily Wong

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