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8th September,

The staircase is a common internal feature of a property that at times is overlooked when it comes to DIY Feng Shui evaluation. So, why is it important to note whether a staircase in a property is favourable? Dato’ Joey Yap shares his insight.


The staircase is one of the important internal features of a home to observe. It is through the staircase that Qi travels up to the second floor (and any subsequent floors) of a home. A carefully planned house is one where the staircase is located in an area where it can receive Qi and distribute it upstairs. The staircase is essentially a Secondary Qi mouth and it should be located in a sector according to either Flying Stars or Eight Mansions, where it can benefit all the rooms upstairs. But do note that the material of the staircase, colour, banisters or the flooring has no effect on the Feng Shui of the property.

First and foremost, avoid a property where the staircase is located in the middle of it. This is because it disrupts the flow of Qi into the property. It is best to have a staircase that is located in a corner. It is also preferable that it is not facing or next to the Main Door of the property. The staircase must also not run directly above the Main Door as it is suppressing the Qi at the Main Door, forcing Qi out from there.As a general rule, staircases that have more landings are better because the Qi can meander smoothly and has a place to collect before moving up to the next level.

Staircases that curl up left and right are known as Double Dragon Staircases. Though this design adds grandeur to a home, it is generally not suitable for small or medium sized properties because they cause the Qi to split and go into two different directions. Better to avoid this, especially if it faces the Main Door. However, there’s an exception to this rule


– Double Dragon Staircases are permissible if they apply to very large buildings like hotels.
A staircase should also not lead directly to any room unless it is a storeroom. This means Qi – especially with a steep staircase – is rushing in and hitting the door. Therefore, the Qi that enters or affects the room is volatile and not benevolent. It is a huge no-no for a staircase leading straight into the Master Bedroom as well. It is essential that there is a landing before the staircase opens to the Master Bedroom, so that there is an opportunity for the Qi to collect before it is gently sent up into the Master Bedroom.

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