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A Collection of Inspired Homes Where Nature Meets Culture: Setia Eco Templer

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It is every nature lover’s paradise at Setia Eco Templer. Tucked within Templer’s Park in Rawang, Setia Eco Templer boasts stunning green views of rolling hills and lush green forests of Bukit Takun and Kanching Eco-Forest Park.

More than just a green and serene residential enclave, there’s an inspiring backstory to this enchanting development. As Templer’s Park itself was named after Sir Gerald Templer, a British High Commissioner, who came to Malaya in 1952, the key design concept of Setia Eco Templer takes cue from Sir Templer’s journey as he embarked from Essex, a small town where he lived to the Melaka Straits through Bali, Indonesia.

These three destinations became the inspiration behind Setia Eco Templer’s three phases: Phase 1, aptly named Essex Gardens, features a beautiful English garden theme while Phase 2A called the Peranakan Straits, showcases a distinctive Baba Nyonya heritage style. The third phase, Phase 2B is given the name Amantara to depict the residences’ Balinese-themed aesthetic.

To preserve the historical aspect of the place, SP Setia also revived the existing 30-year-old clubhouse and turned it into Setia Eco Templer’s clubhouse for residents. To maintain the location’s natural environment which is rich in a variety of flora and fauna, the developer has taken every step to minimise disruptions to the natural ecosystem. Every home is built to co-exist with the natural landscapes where every tree and creek is lovingly preserved.

Essex Gardens
Chirping birds, cool breezes and beautiful plants that are present all around warm the heart and senses as you stroll through Essex Gardens. This collection offers elegant bungalows, semi-detached homes and link villas amidst English themed pocket parks and landscaped gardens.

Designed with a classic yet contemporary appeal that comes complete with gabled roofs and brick facades, Essex Gardens homes offer fantastic views of charming gardens and bubbling creeks. One of the prime features of Essex Gardens are its nine creeks and the majestic old trees that are found throughout the open spaces. Themed gardens add on to the charm of the place which makes every moment outdoors a memorable one.

Peranakan Straits
Drawing inspiration from Peranakan culture, the Peranakan Straits collection expresses the splendour of an ornate Peranakan-inspired concept using bright colours and eclectic details.

The meticulous attention to details can be seen prominently inside the Peranakan Straits Semi-D show unit where key living spaces blend a plethora of Peranakan-inspired decorative details with modern elements against a well-conceived layout. Antique furniture and bright-coloured tiles are used to set off a highly personalized atmosphere while old-school decor creates a touch of yesteryear romance. Wood carvings are also used abundantly to enhance the Peranakan theme.

Over at the Link Villa show unit, the interior features a distinctive Peranakan Straits theme combined with a contemporary approach to ensure the eclectic decor is in perfect harmony with modern living. Antique furniture pieces, Peranakan-themed decoratives and wood carvings are used alongside contemporary interior features to enhance the unique aesthetic of the home interior.

Inspired by the exotic culture in Bali, Balinese-themed homes from the Amantara collection complement the back-to-nature and rustic backdrop of Setia Eco Templer. As you meander across the peaceful surroundings of the Amantara neighbourhood, a resort-like ambience eases you into a relaxing mood. Take in the sights and discover unique details like stone carvings on the exterior walls or eye-catching water features that set off an eclectic vibe.

To experience the Balinese theme further, the Amantara bungalow show unit has it all. Here, the traditional Balinese style is given a contemporary edge using luxurious materials and impeccable furnishing details. Solid dark wood complements an earthy palette of neutrals while wood furniture infuses the living areas with an elegant touch.

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This episode of Beauty & the Boss takes viewers to the lush green enclave of Setia Eco Templer in Rawang, one of SP Setia’s latest residential developments. Nestled amidst a hilly landscape with gentle streams, gardens and creeks, Setia Eco Templer offers a truly tranquil living experience.

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