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Seamlessly Stylish: PINS Studio

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With grey taking the lead, other elements fall into place to create a well-composed home that’s designed with serenity in mind.

Grey is definitely the key colour theme in this home, but that’s not all that would catch your eye when you delve deeper into this abode. Upon stepping in, the living room with its lush furnishing would quickly beckon you to kick back and relax. Here, the designer maintained the spacious layout by keeping the furniture to a minimal without compromising style. All around, an easy combination of light and dark greys coupled with creamy whites complement the contemporary furniture.

What stands out in the living room is the sleek TV feature wall – with its wood backdrop and concealed lighting over the low cabinetry below it, this composition is the perfect focal point to introduce the key design of the home. Right next to it, the dining area is anchored in place with the use of visual cues – for instance the pendant lights. A rug would work well here, but it is evident that the designer wanted to keep the entire floor space uninterrupted.

The seamless style continues right into the kitchen where white and wood tones take over to create the kitchen’s colour palette. Appliances are neatly placed within the built-in cabinets to achieve a cohesive, minimalist look. For the same objective, the kitchen cabinets are also designed from floor to ceiling. However, to prevent things from getting too monotonous, white surfaces and wood finishes are utilized to create intervals between void and warmth.

In the bedroom, this neutral-dominant palette works extremely well to imbue the space with a sense of quiet serenity. Soft furnishing plays a supporting role to bring out the high level of comfort the designers are going for; however the space is made more visually pleasant with small details. Adjacent to the bedroom is a walk-in wardrobe which features similar grey and wood elements. While space is modest, the designer has managed to create a spacious study area that’s bright and airy. Customized cabinets and storage systems are employed here to maximise the space.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Vol.87. Article by Lily Wong

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