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Eclectic Infusions: DMS Interior & Service

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Complete with an impressive outdoor space, this big and beautiful home brings together different aesthetic styles under one roof.

DMS Interior & Service cuts a new path through the realm of the eclectic with this sprawling family home, appointing various parts of the bungalow with combinations of themes that were previously thought impossible. This convergence of styles is apparent even from the exterior, where a gilded prayer house sits next to a basketball court – alongside a blended array of decorative features derived from both tropical and temperate climates.

The striking contrast between features pulled from two opposing points of the globe continues into the home – across a complex array of roughly hewn stone finishes on the exterior and into generous expanses of wood and finely cut stone on the interior.

Stepping into the home from the poolside brings one into the warm embrace of aged wood façades and sand-coloured stone contributing to a blushing peach glow. Hidden among the complex array of details in the banquet space is an open hall leading to the kitchen – a generous length of space that is folded on itself to keep the sights and sounds of cooking from spilling out into the rest of the home.

At the heart of the home resides an entertainment lounge decorated in distinctly modern fashion – with stark lines framing scant curves in the midst of a violet glow. Countering the predominantly modern flavour is a handful of vintage-inspired forms and designs distributed about the space – historic depictions of cityscapes occupy a stretch of wall, refurbished oil cans act as footstools, while a stylised depiction of a stringed instrument rests on the nearby bar.

The theme of wood and stone in modern cuts is extended into the bedrooms and other private spaces of this home, with some decorative features occasionally paying tribute to retro and classical forms. One of the most overt examples of this prevailing ideology is demonstrated in this family’s recreational space – where an archway is formed to resemble the distinctively curved body of a stringed instrument.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Vol. 87.

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