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Luxury Laden: Classical Accents With a Pale Colour Scheme

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This compact home demonstrates thoughtful furniture arrangements and exudes a rich ambiance coloured with an affection of classical accents.

The relatively small dimensions of the main hall in this home combine kitchen, dining, and seating spaces, with which the designers – Lazern, have effectively managed to weave together a cohesive arrangement overflowing with a luxurious vibe, imparted largely by the combination of plush upholstery, exquisite lighting fixtures, and classically inspired decorative wall mouldings.

First spotted in the reflection of the mirrored alcove in the foyer, these wall mouldings continue along the wall to the far corner of the seating lounge, where the colour of the wall is transposed to pale grey drapery hanging over the full-height windows. Along the way, the wall mouldings change their patterns to gracefully conceal and frame a narrow doorway leading to one of the bedchambers.

The classic wall treatment continues on the opposite wall to frame the entertainment wall in the seating lounge. The colours of the sofa and accompanying pair of armchairs in the seating area appear to have been selected to match the pale shade of yellow in the floor tiles, in an apparent endeavour to preserve an illusion of spaciousness by camouflaging these large pieces of furniture with the floor.

Despite the narrow space between the lounge and the kitchen, a long and narrow wooden dining table is used to comfortably accommodate up to eight diners in chairs of classic design. The lighting fixture hanging above mimics the shape of the table in its platform and echoes the candle holder centrepiece below in the design of its shades.

Nostalgic Accents: Classic moulding occupies the majority of bare walls in this home, enclosing the modern furnishings in a transitional décor and bestowing a luxurious ambiance to the small living space.

Maximizing Space: The long and narrow dining table comfortably seats up to eight diners in a small space that combines the kitchen with dining and seating areas.

The kitchen’s appliances are neatly set into the wall to preserve the width of the footpath around the dining table, their front faces flush with the matte white panelling of the walls. This orderly arrangement governs the footprint of the adjacent counters as well, with their front faces projecting only as far as the nearby wine chiller and display shelving unit.

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The trappings of luxury are toned down in the bedrooms, resulting in a lighter, minimalist-leaning décor in the master bedroom. While the classic wall treatment is continued as decoration for cabinetry in both bedrooms, its most notable use occurs in the master bedroom where it appears in modern dimensions to encapsulate a television masquerading as a piece of framed artwork. Other subtle examples of classical inspiration reside in the bedside lamps of both bedrooms, and most prominently in the master bedroom, with floral print wallpaper and the use of button-back upholstery in the headboard.


Eclectic Features: The classically inspired wall treatments seen in the other parts of this home can also be observed on the wardrobe doors in this bedroom of contemporary design.


The en-suite bathroom contains fixtures and fittings of modern design, with a rustic wooden bucket in close proximity for thematic contrast.


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Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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