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3 Most Popular Asian-Inspired Home Design Styles in Malaysia

by creativehomex

Given how rich and diverse Malaysia and South East Asia is, the blend of these cultures throughout history has resulted in a beautiful confluence of styles. However, one can become overwhelmed without knowledge and context of the various styles and cultural designs. Here are four general ideas to get you started on adding beautiful Asian heritage touches to your home.

Balinese Style

The Balinese style is deeply grounded in nature and incorporates heavy use of the outdoors. Lush green foliage meets charming furniture and foundations that are also made of nature — typically in the form of wood, ceramics, and bamboo. The key to decorating your home in the Balinese style is to make sure the environment isn’t too busy, in other words, less is more. This can be achieved by having positioning one central figure — be it a vase or sculpture made of brass or gold, and having other things revolve around it to evoke an ambience of balance.

Furniture and sculptures made of wood such as teak are also quintessentially Balinese. You don’t have to worry about how dark the wood is as the colour palette will be balanced out with bamboo and cane. The bamboo and cane symbolize gravitas, resilience, and strength of character. These materials can be once again incorporated through the use of furniture or be part of the new foundations.

Image credit: Ronald Akili, CEO of PTT Family & Singapore-based design company Takenouchi Webb

Peranakan Style

Peranakans are an ethnic group that migrated from Southern China to Southeast Asia and intermarried with the native Southeast Asian cultures. The resulting cultural mix produced distinct foods, customs, and of course, design.

Colours play a primary role in Peranakan design. Although more traditional households feature darker palettes. However, some brighter colours such as orange, sage, and pink have remained popular over the ages. Art deco tiles are another essential element as they highlighted specific areas within the home. Kitchens, entrances, and even balconies are chosen as designated regions that can visually stand out.

Image credit: Peranakan Straits, Setia Eco Templer

Oriental Style

Contemporary Chinese styles have always been in demand. Chinese interiors have always had an emphasis on spatial awareness and utilizing the space without being overwhelming.

The oriental style should never make one feel constrained. This pays homage to the idea of having good ‘chi’ within the space to increase luck. Meanwhile, a good touch of vintage paraphernalia always lends an element of charm.

Image credit: Fuka Interior Decoration

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