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Fotile Special | 6 Best Kitchen Hood Features for Condo Kitchens

by chxadmin

If you are living in a condo, one of the essential appliances for your kitchen is the kitchen hood. Hoods help to ensure better ventilation in the kitchen by suctioning away smoke, grease and odours when you cook. How do you go about choosing one for your condo? When you shop for a kitchen hood, be sure to look for these six features:

1.Wing-like surround suction plate
If you enjoy Asian-style cooking using the wok, go for a hood with wing-like surround suction plate. This feature acts as a barrier between the wok and filter to ensure no oil dripping – a common problem with conventional aluminum grease filters. Fotile’s Recirculation Hood comes with the brand’s exclusive Wing-Like Surround Suction Technology which boasts a wider air inlet that spans the area of the cooking stove to ensure total extraction of airborne grease.

2.Effective Oil Filtration Rate
The best hoods often come with several layers of oil filtration. Fotile’s Recirculation Hood offers a 4-stage Grease Filtration Processes which results in efficient filtration up to 97.4%. At Stage 1,  smoke is extracted via Fotile’s wing-like surround suction plate followed by pressurization of filtered grease at airborne grease chamber in Stage 2. The third stage ensures further Filtration of pressurized grease through its aluminum filter. In the final stage, grease is filtered via a high-efficiency fresh-air filter

3.Effective Aluminum & Carbon Filter
A high efficiency filter technology is a must in any condo kitchen hood to maintain a clean and fresh kitchen as greasy fumes will linger no matter how great the hood’s suction power is. Normal recirculation hoods are unable to totally filter airborne grease, as they tend to drift back to the kitchen via the hood’s outlet. Fotile resolves this issue with its fresh-air filter which comes with a carbon filter that is 2.4 times higher in density, allowing it to better filter airborne grease particles. Additionally there is also over 60% of activated carbon content which translates to higher absorption of airborne grease. The hood is also designed with a double-sided layered aluminium filter structure that reduces lingering grease on the carbon filter, thus ensuring a cleaner environment while extending the hood’s lifespan.

4.Humanized Design
Additional user-friendly features like a filter replacement notification is extremely helpful. Fotile’s Recirculation Hood will display a cleaning signal to notify user that it’s time to change filter when the hood has operated for over 150 hours. Thanks to its easy-to-install structure, when it’s time to change the carbon filter, all you need to do is pull down the carbon filter buckle and unload it to install a new one. For better safety in the kitchen, a double flame retardant grease filter is also included.

5.Easy to Dismantle and Clean
Cleaning the hood is usually a tedious and complicated task that takes up a lot of time. Designed with users’ convenience in mind, Fotile’s Recirculation Hoods offer a meticulously engineered structure that comprises a wide surface and buckles for easy dismantling and cleaning.

6.Style and Form
Finally, it’s important that your hood blends in with the design of your kitchen and living spaces, especially if your condo has an open kitchen. Versatile and stylish, Fotile’s Recirculation Hoods features a sleek and seamless canopy structure with an elegant touch panel design which will fit into modern homes effortlessly.

Featured in this article is Fotile’s EMS9021-R Recirculation Hood. Article and images courtesy of Fotile.

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