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Soaring Success: Puncak Bumi Utama is a Thriving Furniture Brand As Well As a Malaysian Success Story

by chxadmin

It all started with a group of senior management executives who decided to form their own company. At the time, these would-be entrepreneurs have already made significant contributions in the Malaysian public, private and academic sectors. But they dared to dream big. With a paid-up capital of RM1 million, they pooled their resources, knowledge and abilities together to form Puncak Bumi Utama Sdn. Bhd. and venture into the trade of metal and wood-based furniture manufacturing. Since then, the company has served as the main manufacturer, sub-manufacturer or sub-manufacturer in sizeable projects along with its partners and educational institutions.

Today, many undergraduate and graduate students in numerous public universities across the nation now attend lectures and conduct their studies amidst sleek, comfortable yet functional furnishing. In over eight institutions of higher learning, these conducive furniture pieces have been provided by Puncak Bumi Utama for years. One of the reasons behind these institutions of higher learning’s decision to collaborate with Puncak Bumi Utama is its vision to meet its clients’ needs with absolute integrity of work ethics, products of uncompromising quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.


University students are not the only ones who have enjoyed Puncak Bumi Utama’s quality craftsmanship; the company also supplies furniture sets such as desks, chairs and so much more to various Malaysian schools, thus making itself one of Malaysia’s market leaders in furniture rental and facilities maintenance services.

Puncak Bumi Utama’s field of expertise also expands beyond education institutions. It is a key player in the retail market as well, having supplied home and office furnishing as well as hostel and school furniture to retailers and wholesalers throughout Malaysia. This company also exports its products to the United Kingdom, Australia, Algeria, Reunion Island, Kenya and Timor-Leste. As Puncak Bumi Utama maintains a Work Package Contract (WPC) with the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation, they are responsible for the supply, delivery and installation of office furniture in all elevated and underground stations, depots and multi storey car parks – Sungai Buloh to Kajang Depot along the MRT route.

Its products are also available online. So if you are keen on Puncak Bumi Utama’s furniture, they are just a few clicks away via major online shopping platforms such as Lazada.com.my, 11street.com.my , Shopee.com.my and Alibaba.com.

In addition, Puncak Bumi Utama’s quality designs and meticulously crafted products have been showcased in furniture fairs, both globally and locally. The company has participated in the Japan Furniture Fair, Birmingham Furniture Fair, MEBEL Furniture Fair in Moscow, Index Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Mumbai Furniture Fair and the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF). Its products have been featured in MIFF since 2001.

One of the premier agencies that have provided guidance and support for Puncak Bumi Utama in their plan to achieve greater heights of success is the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB). MTIB has played a key role in initiating development for the various sectors in the nation’s timber industry. Puncak Bumi Utama has been involved in a wide range of MTIB programmes, including the “Installer for Built-in Cabinets” initiative, CNC machinery operating course, 5S implementation workshop, school furniture design development workshop, Panel Saw Optimizer machine handling course, CNC software guidance, installation course for doors, windows, flooring and decking, a technical CNC machinery operation and furniture industry learning trip to Italy (between 21 and 29 September 2014) and a workplace safety and health seminar.

Article: Terence Tang
Images: Puncak Bumi Utama Sdn.Bhd.

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