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Pendant Allure: 7 Ways to Decorate with Pendant Lamps in Dining Rooms

by chxadmin

When it comes to the dining room, it makes sense to keep the table clean and clutter-free. Let’s face it – it’s tedious to always put away the table centrepiece like a vase of blooming florals or candlesticks each time we set the table for a meal. But then, you may end up with a plain dining room with just a table and six or four chairs. Here’s where suspended lights or pendant lamps will resolve the conundrum of being decoratively overwhelming or underwhelming. Check out these seven minimalist dining rooms that are brimming with glam and style – thanks to the designer lights overhead.

1 Balancing Act
Suspended lighting can provide the visual balance that your dining area needs, especially if things get a little too flat horizontally. Drawing the eyes upwards can help to break the monotony of a long table and repetitive chairs.

2 Vertical Force
When there’s a round table, a strong singular pendant lamp that drops down over the centre of the table works well to turn the dining set into a focal point.

3 Round and Rounder
At times, it works to have a suspended lamp like a chandelier piece in a similar circular shape as your round dining table. The mirroring effect usually creates a strong visual impact instantly.

4 Rhythmic Sensation
For long rectangular dining tables, go for lighting with an undulating composition of individual pieces. This affords a sense of movement to break the linearity of the long table.

5 Minimal Effect
In dining rooms that have a strong colour palette, stick to a simpler lighting piece to avoid overcrowding the space with too many details.

6 Colour Codes
In contrast, if you have an all-white room, consider getting a lighting piece finished in different colours to give your space a vibrant outlook.

7 All Lined Up
Who says you need a single suspended lighting piece all the time? Sometimes a series of the same pendant lamps work wonders, like this kitchen-dining area.
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