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Living Grand: Elegance Through Simple Geometry

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An upscale home with lavish conveniences presented in a fusion of modern geometry and lines inspired by the natural environment.

The designers, Soul Frame, present an awe-inspiring décor composed of exquisite white expanses decorated in a neutral palette and accented with lines echoing living forms. Within the wide interior of this multi-storey home is a collection of amenities expected at the height of luxury, encased in glass and saturated in subtle hues.


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Lavish Lounge: The receiving area of this home contains a grand piano and chaise lounge combination sofa set in a lavish assembly accented by natural forms.

The foyer presents an unprecedented amount of space, comfortably containing a grand piano, a glass-encased elevator shaft artfully gilded with organic lines, and adequate space in between for a walkway. This reception floor is naturally lit through a void in the ceiling, a feature shared by the frosted glass walls of the elevator shaft permitting sunlit travel to the upper floors. A fully-equipped receiving lounge is deftly positioned beyond a set of glass sliding doors on the reception floor, providing guests with a near-immediate place to settle onto an inviting chaise lounge and sofa set while surrounded by cushioned walls.

Above the reception lounge is a seating area that apparently manages to outshine the space below while relying on a more homogenous assortment of materials in furnishings and decorations. While managing to do more with less, the upper lounge is augmented with the additional benefit of wide views of the lush gardens along with materials in white and pale greys aiding the travel of sunlight throughout the exquisite space.

Extravagant Geometry: A recurring theme of this home is the use of refined materials in simple geometric arrangements.


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The white expanse of the upper floor is accented by an earth-toned carpet in the lounge and a length of wooden vertical slats bordering the dining space. In this gathering area, the white floor tiles are briefly interrupted by darker shades in the furnishings, with the dark wood tones echoed in the curved design of the dining table set and accompanying dining chairs upholstered in grey.

Palatial Vista: The seating lounge presents an immaculate expanse of white floor tiles with a feature wall composed of white marble and organic lines across frosted glass. The lounge offers scenic views of the planted exterior, unhindered by the nearby walkway and elevator shaft.

Monochromatic Lines: The monochromatic theme is transported to the kitchen and dining space with glossy white panelling and floor tiles.

While the dry kitchen and its sun-lit counterpart are dominated by glossy white cabinetry, other spaces in this home give way to a greater variety of shades and materials used to provide a higher degree of personalisation. Walls of bedrooms are used to project the personalities of the occupants, with results ranging from the ethereal, such as a mural depicting a landscape of clouds, to the stately and finely-sewn fabric wall coverings in the master bedroom.

This bedroom features polygons in monochrome formed out of lines across the wardrobe doors.


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Dreamy Bedchamber: Full-height window panes enable a free flow of sunlight facilitating an escapade among the clouds from within this bedroom.


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Inspirational Space: This bedroom exudes the vibes of a music producer’s studio with black button-back upholstery of modern design and a rich shade of wood in the flowing workstation and wall panelling.


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Complete Suite: The master bedroom features a collection of luxurious amenities: a wide-screen television, a recliner, a balcony stretching almost the entire length of the space, and a spacious walk-in wardrobe leading to a delectably sun-lit bath.


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Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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