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The Parenting Personality Palette

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Nippon Paint Malaysia uncovers some of the key parenting personality traits based on your most frequented colour!

Did you know that your favourite colour reveals your dominant parenting style? Certain studies on the psychology of colour that have been carried out indicate that your preferred colour closely reflects some of your most dominant personality traits and strongest characteristics; even down to the various ways in which you behave towards your child (or children!). Take for instance, parents who prefer the blue hues are often regarded as more dependable and calm figures whilst those who gravitate towards brighter shades are known to be more assertive parents with a stronger personality. If you have more than ONE favourite colour, you may not have all the traits from one particular colour, but instead your parenting style comprises of a mixture of the various characteristics. Let’s say if you’re fond of hues such as pink and yellow, you may have a sensitive personality with enthusiastic vibes.

Read on below to find out if your favourite shade closely reflects your parenting traits.

The Parenting Personality Palette

It’s time to reflect upon your true colours and see if your favourite colour resonates closely with your respective parenting traits.

Nippon Paint Malaysia offers a wide range of colours that matches your parenting personality to the tee, ranging from dark to the lighter spectrum of hues, from warmer to cooler colour shades. There’s mocha brown, khaki green, rose-pink… and the list goes on!

How about taking inspiration to the next level and reflecting your parenting personality colour(s) on the walls of your home?

Here are some colours from Nippon Paint to consider for your next redecorating project at home featuring your parenting personality colour complemented with other suitable shades:

The Calm & Collected (Blue)

The colour blue is recognised as the most calming shade of the colour spectrum, which makes it one of the top choices of favourite colours around the world. If you find yourself not overreacting to your children most of the time, the colour blue reflects your calm persona best.

To create overall soothing vibes all around your home, select colours such as light green, or a light peach to fully complement your blue themed walls. If you’re a true-blue fan, you could even opt for pairing the palest blue with navy without overwhelming your entire room.

True Blue | PB 1534 D | #1886C1
Mortar Board | N 2040 P | #BDBAB3
Villa Green | BGG 1682 T | #C8D782

The Enthusiastic Ones (Red)

Red is known to be a strong colour that resonates well amongst those that carry a more dominating trait. Parents who favour the colour red are typically strong-willed – and much like the colour, they do not easily give in to a child’s requests.

However, in a home, everything in the colour red may be too overwhelming… so why not try balance red with softer shades such as light grey or neutral beige tones for a greater contrast?

Knockout Red | R 1281 A | #BD3543
Ultra Smooth | OW 1020 P | #F2E6D0
Quaker Gray| N 2005 P | #AAB5B9

The Nurturing Couple (Pink)

Those who like the colour pink often convey a reassuring ear to their children and see things in a positive light in most situations. While light pink is gentler on the eyes; some are a fan of brighter pinks such as fuchsia which also look great on walls if paired with clean colours such as beige or the lightest shade of yellow.

If you’re a fan of lighter shades of pink, try complementing this with light pink tones for a classy look or opt for striking blue for fun vibes.

Fast Car | AC 2076 A | #C04363
Autumn Lights | YO 1213 P | #FEBF96
Pool Side | BGG 1602T | #5ACDBE

The Fair Minded (Green)

A colour that reflects the personality of a calm yet logical and analytical figure who often takes a more supportive and nurturing approach at most instances. If you find yourself reasoning with your child or children over their actions, green is the colour for you. Being a neutral shade, green can be paired with almost any shade on the colour wheel, depending on the desired ambience for your room.

To fully resonate with your calm personality, go along the lines of a pastel pink with a soft peach shade. Otherwise, for those who prefer strong green undertones, match your green feature wall with a light oak brown shade for a down-to-earth vibe.

Torrents | BGG 1758D | #7A8066
Seaside Lodge | BGG 1599D | #BEE9E0
Lovely Jewels | YO 1216P | #FEC8AE

The Cool Ones (Yellow)

Yellow represents the colour of enthusiastic parents who are often easily excitable over most things, their children included. When you think yellow, the first word that comes to mind is ‘bright’! …which makes the colour an easy feat to match with two extremes, either choosing to pair it with a pale colour or opting for colours on the darker end of the spectrum.

For a dark colour, shades such green or grey makes for a good contrast against any yellow-themed feature wall. For an earthier tone, opt for colours such as brown.

Silent Bliss | YO 1166P | #F4E0BF
Sweet Escapade | BGG 1759T | #A9B295
Genteel | OW 1088P | #D7DCD8

Here are some top tips to consider when repainting your home!

  1. To ensure a safe environment for your child/children, try a child-safe odorless paint from Nippon Paint’s Child Wellness Range (For more information, log on to: www.nipponpaint.com.my/childwellness)
  1. Opt for colours which are contrasting to your feature wall for a vibrant look


  1. Measure the space of each room to get an estimated amount of paint required


  1. Care for the walls of your home by ensuring proper preparation is carried out (i.e priming the walls prior to painting)


  1. Have a rough idea on your overall colour theme. Fret not if you’re unsure of what colour suits your room best and opt for expert advice from Nippon Paint’s Colour Scheme Professional Services at www.colourscheme.com.my to get the perfect recommended shades for your rooms.

If you’re looking to repaint the walls of your home but are unsure where to begin, visit www.nipponpaint.com.my to spark some inspiration!

Text and images by Nippon Paint

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