Home Bedroom Organic Elements: Metallic Finishes Paired with Natural Accents

Organic Elements: Metallic Finishes Paired with Natural Accents

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This home is a gallery of statement lighting and neutral hues accented by echoes of the natural world.

Designed by Hoe & Yin Design Studio, the living room presents dark wood in a herringbone pattern and a sun-lit swathe of grey in the high pile carpeting and sofa set, accompanied by earth and sky toned upholstery. Foliage-like forms depicted in the wallpaper create a dramatic back-drop for the pair of classically-inspired, sky-blue velvet armchairs.

The entertainment wall of the seating lounge is subtly framed, with a slender border of reflective metal in golden proportion to the dimensions of the viewing screen. A console projects from the wall, providing a base for a burst of colour in the floral arrangement that stands in stark contrast against the darkness of the background.

Echoes of Nature: The wallpaper and abstract painting mimic foliage and act as accents alongside live plants against the subtle grey tones of the seating lounge.

An intimate dining nook is harboured across the space, sharing in the abundant sunlight. The theme of foliage is represented here with sleek black furnishings contrasted against the earth-toned upholstery, a collection of live plants, and depictions of a leafy canopy rendered in the pale shades of the abstract painting.

The grey tone of the walls meld with stone floor tiles and white appliances in the country-styled kitchen, furnished with a rectangular dining table that makes full use of the room’s elongated dimensions to provide a space for cosy family dinners. The use of natural materials extends to a wall of the nearby bathroom, where a herringbone pattern presents stone tiles in selected shades to depict the undulations of tree bark.

Intimate Feasting: The kitchen presents an eclectic assembly consisting of a country-styled dining table accompanied by grey velvet upholstery of modern design.

Accented in Stone: All-white fixtures and appliances are deftly contrasted against backgrounds of stone in the kitchen and bathroom.

Intricate lighting fixtures are used to centralize the spaces of this home, prevailing even in the master bedroom. One of these fixtures mimics a collection of brass trumpets while hanging in bold contrast against a background of intricate foliage depicted in wallpaper. An open walk-in wardrobe, formed out of a windowed alcove, is bathed in a rose gold sheen provided by the orbs hanging in the centre of this space.


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