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BenQ Special | The CineHome Projector W1700 Offers Quality Visuals in a Sleek and Compact Package

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BenQ unveils the CineHome Projector W1700 – a sleek Home Cinema projector capable of producing true 4K imagery with the kind of ultra-high definition rendering and colour accuracy expected of movie theatres.

BenQ has taken on the challenge of designing a true 4K projector with projector-optimized HDR for the ultimate 4K UHD image with great colors, without the high price tag.

To connoisseurs of film, there is no satisfying substitute for the cinema – the image precision and colour accuracy of the silver screen simply cannot be matched by the kind of televisions most of us keep in our living rooms, and those of us who have retired our televisions in favour of a projector often find ourselves appalled at the lower-than-advertised resolution of LCD projectors or the high cost of burnt-out bulbs.

Introducing the W1700, BenQ’s dedication to the video and film enthusiasts. It is a projector which boasts 4K UHD 8.3 million pixels powered by the .47” DMD Chip. It features projector-optimized HDR and 3D rendering, alongside BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColorsTM algorithm. Finally, the audience can start experiencing the luxury of 4K in their living room. By implementing the short throw lens and auto keystone, any untrained family member can easily transform a living room into a cinema. All of BenQ’s efforts are based on one simple idea, to provide the magnificence of true-color 4K cinematic experience for EVERYONE to enjoy without spending a fortune. BenQ is proud to announce that the W1700 brings our idea to reality.

Unlike other projectors, the digital light processing (DLP) design of the W1700 makes it less prone to developing permanent visual artefacts or burning out, as its bulb is rated for at least 4,000 hours of operation.

The W1700 from BenQ was created with the aim of providing the kind of high-performance that can placate even the most discerning of movie buffs, and supplying that cinematic experience at a relatively affordable rate with a price tag of RM7,999. The W1700 is capable of accurately rendering 8.3 million pixels in true-to-life colours using BenQ’s proprietary CinematicColor™ algorithm to faithfully represent every pixel of a filmmaker’s vision as closely as possible.

As with BenQ’s other 4K offerings, the new W1700 CineHome Series of projector was developed by engineers to adhere to the same unifying standards governing the international television and film industries, as defined by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

The W1700 CineHome projector produces the global standard of white using the same colour temperature of 6500k (D65 illuminant), 96 percent coverage of the colours in the Rec. 709 colour gamut, and all to precision (to Delta E < 3). The W1700 is geared for future standards too, as it is capable of rendering colours in the range that is the “wide gamut” DCI-P3 – the standard in Hollywood and a soon-to-be norm of all upcoming HD equipment.

The W1700 is easy to combine with a wide range of interior decoration styles thanks to its compact body seamlessly blending form and function – made possible with the revolutionary use of a single half-inch (0.47”) sized chip as the core of the device.

Despite the slim profile of its hardware, the W1700 is packed with BenQ’s proprietary technologies including CinemaMaster Video+, which serves to polish every pixel with motion-adaptive edge pixel enhancement and render accurate flesh tones using sophisticated colour algorithms, as well as BenQ’s CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technology which provides the resonant bass and soaring treble sounds for a complete movie experience.

The W1700 is capable of projecting a variety of content thanks to the inclusion of a HDMI port for interfacing with various forms of streaming media, High Dynamic Range support for the widely adopted HDR10 format, in addition to support for the HDCP 2.2 standard of copy-protection safeguarding the bulk of currently available 4K video content.

Read about the launch of the CineHome W1700 here, or visit BenQ’s Facebook page here.

Images by BenQ.

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