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Cultured Simplicity: Nu Infinity

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A breezy modern décor constructed from neutral-coloured swathes of compact elements.

A foyer saturated in drab grey belies an airy and sunlit ambiance in the open layout of this home decorated by Nu Infinity.

Arboreal Niches: Recesses are carved out of the entryway to serve the practical functions of seating and shelving – the additional planes decked in wood to add a neutral complement to the white and grey base of the foyer.

Beyond the entryway, the grey walls transition to host an array of lit shelving grids of pale wood streaking across a white background to reflect the brightness of the home.

A minimalist dining table composed of wood and carbon-coated steel legs stands unobtrusively against the wall, enabling an uninterrupted view of a pale seating lounge bathed in sunlight. The use of a similarly-styled bench on one side of the dining table provides for a more spacious walkway, while a varied array of pendant lights saturates the dining corner in a warm glow.

Rural Elements: A series of naked bulbs – contained in glass in the fashion of repurposed jars, and a section of a tree trunk, stand in direct contrast against the boutique style shelving and the contemporary forms of seating accompanying the dining table.

Rather than depending on gratuitous architectural features to demarcate the seating lounge, the designer opts for low-profile finishes – such as the lone streak of wood at the chair rail, to maintain the lightweight décor. A series of stylised shapes decorate the wall of the seating lounge above the chair rail, evoking globetrotting aspirations with the apparent outlines of exotic locations around the world such as Madagascar and the principality of Andorra.

Cream Overtones:  The largely white architectural finishes express subtle shades of peaches and cream when presented under the soft yellow lighting.

In the spirit of keeping things buoyant, a modern sofa of the low-backed variety is incorporated alongside a simplistic but robust coffee table. To contain the arrangement, the lightweight architectural finishes are joined by relatively sizable features: the thin façade of the entertainment wall is deliberately flanked by a hefty pair of black Klipschorns, while a modern reinterpretation of Arne Jacobsen‘s iconic Egg chair stands in the corner.

A wide island counter projects from the wall of the seating lounge, the minimalist design of the supporting legs and the accompanying bar stools maintaining a sense of air volume in the corridor to the kitchen. The default floor tiles seen in the rest of the open layout transition to textured grey stone in the kitchen, complementing the matte black square tiles on the walls while contrasting against the pale wood and white veneer of the cabinetry.

Pendulant Illumination: Modern pendant lights of ubiquitous designs punctuate the narrow confines of the kitchen corridor, while the wide profiles of Tom Dixon’s patinated brass Beat lamps adorn a robust bedstead.

The use of the neutral palette extends to the private spaces of this home, where wood surfaces and reflective wardrobe doors dominate the bedrooms and grey tiles prevail in wet areas. In the bedrooms: floors, headboards, desks, and shelves seem to merge into continuous swathes of wood – interrupted by pale grey walls, and darkly veneered wardrobes; while grey stone occupies the floors and walls of wet areas to serve as backgrounds for the abundant mirrored surfaces and recessed lighting fixtures.

Bedside Symmetry: A continuous stretch of wood serves as a headboard, and as the background for a pair of circular Scandinavian end tables – apparently three-legged variations of the Marcella paint dipped spindle and tray end tables, appointing both sides of the bedstead.

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Award-winning interior design and architectural practice based in tropical Malaysia, purveyor of luxury and lifestyle interior for private clients and property developers, Nu Infinity provides an avant-garde approach to the designing process – conceptual approach, practicality, serviceability and visionary. We are driven by the constant urge to engage challenges beyond our logical beliefs with the objective of pushing the comfort zones our society sits in.

From left to right: Velix Lai, Gie Ying, Aliscia Cheok, Jessie Tang, Yee Yin, and Ceres Tiew
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd
No. 57-1, Jalan PJS 1/50
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 7772 5550
+603 7772 5550
+6016 626 1214 (Nick Fong) / +6012 387 5838 (Alex Lee)


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