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This Ultra-Luxurious Condo is the Epitome of High Aesthetic Value

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When it comes to designing luxury homes, Nu Infinity believes that there are endless possibilities. What’s most important is creating spaces that homeowners would value and proudly call home. This glamourous low-density posh condominium styled and designed by Nu Infinity beautifully exemplifies the meaning of value and living luxury within a home.

“In the design world, value can be rather subjective,” Nu Infinity‘s design team says. “Take this home for instance. Instead of spending on art pieces, the client chooses to spend on different types of rare and exquisite marble from around the world.”

The living room perfectly brings together a palette of luxurious marble. For the TV wall, smooth and cool white marble with grey veins enhance the space which features an exquisite collection of plush and classic furniture pieces. The designers share more about the material used in this room: “The living hall uses Volakas marble which mimics the impression of clouds. This graceful marble gives a statement to the living room and at the same time tuning the living environment to a cozy and comfortable space.”

Interior design: Nu Infinity

The use of marble continues in the dining space where a monolithic tabletop is paired with a collection of Ventura chairs by Jean Marie Massaud. The designers explain that Bardiglio Nuvolato, a highly polished marble was used for the table to bring out a strong sense of character yet blend in with the surrounding textures.

For this space, Nu Infinity’s design intention was to merge the dining table with the dry kitchen island. “This gives both the spaces an impactful connectivity that does not isolate one another from comparison,” the design team elaborates. “This connectivity also stages a centrepiece to the entire interior space that makes the penthouse not restricted to only having regular-sized pieces.”

Interior design: Nu Infinity

In the master bedroom, the sophisticated ambience is prevalent, but everything is given a softer, plusher touch using strategically placed furniture and decorative accents. “Even in the bedroom and bathroom, carefully selected furniture pieces that are meaningful to the client are displayed,” the designers say, referring to the handsome TV console and cosy armchair across the custom-made King-sized bed. In the bathroom suite, ornate Oriental furniture pieces contrast with the minimalist bathtub while light beige marble surfaces on the floor, walls and vanity top evoke an opulent feeling.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

Key spaces aside, the client also requested for an exclusive space for entertaining. “This home has two distinctive spaces that best cater to family gatherings or friends dropping by for a visit,” the design team says, adding that the first one features an extensive liquor cabinet and offers the perfect spot for liquor appreciation as well as a place for formal business discussion or a casual poker game.

The centrepiece of this space is the cluster of tinted Nostalgia pendant lamps above the large dining table. The lamps illuminate the space with minimalist lighting which give the room a very mystical ambience yet provide a direct spot effect that beams vertically down to the centre. Additionally, the liquor display cabinet also features exquisite detailing to complement the eclectic interior. “The liquor display cabinet is not your ordinary carpentry. The internal carcass is built without any borders making it possible for the entire stretch of display cabinets to be connected,” say the designers.

The second space would be what Nu Infinity calls the “Manly Cave” which highlights a polished cabinet made from exquisite stone. The design team elaborates, “The usage of a rare stone named Verde Alpi with the herringbone pattern was applied to the splashback of the counter to enhance the stone’s sophisticated grains. In this distinguished space, Nu Infinity also included a collection of European chairs to add on to the room’s sophisticated appeal.

Interior design: Nu Infinity


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