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Asian Colours: Nippon Paint’s Latest Trend Colours for 2018/19

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Four intriguing themes inspired by the essence of Asia take the spotlight in 2018/19’s Trending Asian Colour Palettes by Nippon Paint.

When it comes to identifying emerging colour trends whether from a local or global perspective, many factors come into play. This year, Asia’s leading total coatings solution provider, Nippon Paint has taken on the leadership role in developing the Trending Asian Colour Palettes – a truly Asian Colour Palette made by Asian Professionals.

In developing this series of mesmerising Asian colour palettes, Nippon Paint has strategically gathered renowned designers from across 11 countries in the Asian region to forecast emerging colours and trends in the industry. The colour forecasting process for 2018/19 began in March 2016, at NIPPON PAINT’s colour workshop held in Bangkok where 65 of Asia’s foremost design and colour enthusiasts from these 11 different countries were invited to share their thoughts, knowledge and forecast on colour.

The unique Asian colour trend palette for 2018 was distilled through integrated working groups, focusing on important factors such as economy, society, technology, and business. There are four inspiring key themes in the Trend Beyond Colours 2018/19 – “Transient Glow”, “Conscious Being”, “Essential Balance”, and “Seeking Adventure”. Each theme embodies eight distinctive colours which come in the form of unique decorative coatings, with the ability to elevate the essence of Asia and influence the lives of its people.

Transient Glow

Dreamlike | Surreal | Elegant | Spirited | Harmonious

Transient Glow takes us on an ethereal journey through a dreamlike and poetic palette. Delicate ozonic hues seek to capture the fleeting moment, while intense and dynamic tones uplift and excite. In the spirit of weightlessness, a sense of refracted light is played out in shimmering and pearlescent finishes.

Intriguing Purples


Conscious Being

Artificial | Industrial | Electric | Humanoid | Robotic

We live in a digital age and with each day as technology becomes smarter and more intuitive we confront the blurring line between human and machine. The futuristic atmosphere of Conscious Being is played out in a palette blended from synthetic and organic tones with vibrant electric punches and industrial metallics to harness the energy in technological advance. In the uncompromising definition of these hues lies a cool confidence and sophistication.

Essential Balance

Essential | Tranquil | Quiet | Minimalist | Natural

With a meditative approach, Essential Balance reflects our innate need to take time out in quiet reflection. Referencing nature, Essential Balance has a strong connection to the raw organic world and uses warming neutrals and timeless tonal shades to comfort and calm. Subtle colours combine with organic surfaces to give a sense of purity and restful quality.


Zen & Meditative

Seeking Adventure

Natural | Rugged | Thrilling | Extreme | Fearless

Travel the world and explore the unknown in Seeking Adventure. As we understand the environmental challenges faced by our planet, we feel a sense of urgency to experience it at its fullest. The engaging combinations in Seeking Adventure are realised through a palette of saturated a palette of saturated nature tones and organic neutrals. These dense yet nuanced brights speak to an excitement in nature’s treasures while mineral shades ground us in the moment.

Adventurous Red

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