Home Bathroom Modern Masterpiece: Nevermore

Modern Masterpiece: Nevermore

by chxadmin

A standard home brought to palatial heights with regal materials and eclectic furnishings in tantalising arrangements.

Nevermore paints this modest home with luxurious materials – using ebonised wood, gilded accents, in addition to majestic stretches of marbled stone, as prized pigments against a white canvas. Against the monochromatic background of the open layout, a shimmering altar to imbibements is formed with a bar surface of dramatically veined marble at the entryway. The island is joined by a pair of Reza Feiz’s Bride’s Veil bar stools, punctuated with a trio of modern ring chandeliers, and completed with a customised bar cabinet that conceals beverages behind a set of ebonised wood sliding doors.

Elegant Concealment: The foyer conceals a working bar behind a set of ebonised wood sliding doors that put gilded accents against a background of black, white, and marbled stone when drawn shut.

Beyond the floating flight of minimalist stairs in black, the remainder of the open layout takes the shape of a wide hallway that hosts a simplistically furnished seating lounge before leading to a centrally-aligned dining space. To temporarily break up the monotony of black and white, dark brown is introduced into the space by way of a robust leather couch and a lightweight entertainment wall composed of darkly lacquered wood and gilded metal pipes.

Comforting Alignment: This home’s largest pieces of furniture are centrally aligned to take advantage of functional spaces as backdrops and to emphasise the comfort of order over the allure of chaos.

The presence of gilded accents tapers off towards the end of the open layout, where the monochromatic palette returns in full force to saturate the conjoined kitchen and dining space.

The subtle streaks of the grey stone floor are used in conjunction with the walls to affect an almost completely white space. This pristine background is then utilised to provide stark contrast against the eclectic arrangement of ebonised wood dining furniture occupying the central position. With the symmetrical alignment of the minimalist table and classically-inspired armchairs against the kitchen at the far end of the space, the dining area is afforded a generous amount of walking space and a comforting backdrop in black.

Efficient Arrangement: All the necessary facilities of a fully-equipped kitchen are held within the smallest possible footprint at the end of the open layout, with even the bulky appliances required for laundry concealed in the manner of ordinary kitchen cabinets.

As one proceeds up the floating staircase and further into the private areas of this home, the predominant modern characteristics take a backseat in favour of greater attention paid to traditional details such as wainscoting on walls.

The near-seamless floor tiles of the ground floor turn to Chevron arrangements in wood throughout the bedrooms, while the expanses of black are relegated to serving as accents and subtle shades of baby blue are introduced in textiles.

Classical Accents: The pale décor of this bedroom provides a background for the continuation of classical details, such as wainscoting, alongside modern furnishings.

Woodland Shades: The monochromatic basis of this bedroom is enhanced for eye-pleasing variety with the introduction of a greater range of wood tones in fabrics and architectural finishes.

In a continuation of the modern flavour seen on the ground floor of this home, glass curtain walls are used to provide captivating views – with the most intriguing applications being the flirtatious forms of separation between private spaces and common areas.

Tantalising Views: Generous panes of glass are utilised to turn ordinarily opaque walls transparent, providing generous views in some surprising places.

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