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Futuristic Dreamscape: Deseo Creativo

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A rare composition of beguiling light is presented against a monochromatic backdrop in the manner of a recreational hangout.

Deseo Creativo crafts a truly unique interior using a largely monochromatic palette of materials and lighting fixtures in striking colours, resulting in a dramatic show of light with few equals. The captivating effect of the cobalt blue lighting becomes immediately obvious from the threshold of this home, where a predominantly black and white décor takes on the ghostly blue glow in reflection.

The selection of curtains in a dusky shade of blue to occupy a corner of the seating lounge reinforces the saturation of blue into the space, while glossy opaque surfaces and black leather upholstery passively extend the reach of the blue glow across the open layout. The monochromatic background extends into the opposite end of the open layout, with the blue light taking on a decidedly violet tone due to the greater prevalence of white surfaces and shimmering pendant lamps in the adjacent dining space.

The interplay between the monochromatic palette and the blue lighting is repeated with greater constraint in the kitchen, where the practical reliance on white surfaces contains the theme of blue light to a narrow stretch of tinted windows, with the filtered daylight acquiring a similar shade to the coloured illumination applied in the open layout. The palette of materials shifts on the upper levels to put monochromatic elements in the foreground against stretches of wood flooring.

The use of coloured lighting takes a dramatic turn in this home’s recreational space, rendering the wood flooring dark and masculine in response to a red neon glow. Where the open layout was soaked in a calming shade of blue, the recreational room instead presents intermingling folds of black and white illuminated in bright red to take after the ambiance of a dive bar.

Mood Lighting: The use of blue lighting extends to the dining space, while the recreational room is ringed in red neon and the family gym is housed within a windowed box that is bathed in natural light.

The private spaces of this home are more conventionally lit, allowing for the injection of colour in physical materials rather than light. The bedrooms of the younger children are fittingly saturated in playful tones of pink and green, while the more matured bedspaces feature neutral coloured expanses decorated with simplistic geometric motifs.

Whimsical Spaces: The younger children’s bedrooms are fittingly rendered with bright splashes of colour, with pastel pink below the chair rail in one and a field of green to depict a soccer pitch in another.

Geometric Motifs: The adolescent’s bedroom presents a more mature palette of neutral shades accented with sombre green and beige, depicted in simplistic geometry across the walls and ceiling.

Airy & Voluminous: The master bedroom features a generous stretch of wood flooring between its predominately white furnishings and fittings, augmented with pristine white light spilling out from corners and below wallmounted fixtures.

The use of coloured lighting returns to make a dramatic statement in the master bathroom, creating an uplifting glow of blue in a corner where the grey stone background hosts a white bathtub.

Transported Hues: The whimsical injection of colour extends to the outdoor spaces of this home, where seat cushions and lighting fixtures are selected in neon shades.

Deseo Creativo Interior Design
No 123-1 & 123-2, Jalan Permata 1/KS09
Pusat Perniagaan Bestari
Taman Perindustrian Air Hitam
42000 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3123 1225
+6016 213 6861 (Jason)
creativointerior.business.site / www.creativointerior.com

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