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Itsu World Breaks Record In Healthcare Industry by Launching 50 Experience-Stores Within 10 Months


Itsu World Sdn Bhd (“Itsu World”) was founded by a professional team of passionate individuals, who together have decades of experience and influence in the healthcare and massage equipment industry. With their combined experience this team has been able to set a new record by launching 50 ITSU Experience-Stores in Hongkong, Malaysia and Indonesia. This achievement is especially noteworthy as our products are a result of our ability to innovate and combine the soon-to-be-extinct traditional Japanese Masseurs’ skills with the state-of-the-art technology.

The core founding team of ITSU WORLD GROUP, includes its Founder Ms.Lim Poh Khian, CEO Dato Cheah Yew Kong, Director Mr. Leong Khai Cheong, Advisor Mr. Chew Eng Loke. Other members of Founding management team are Mr. Koo Hau Boon, Mr. Chong Yunn Fan, Mr. Chua Boon Kuen, Mr. Chong Wei Seong, Mr. Phang Jia Wen, Mr. Cheah Yew Keng, Mr. Ng Khai Zheng, Ms. Chong Wei Kuen, Mr. Kok Kien Heng, Mr. Lim Chin Than, Mr. Tan Tiong Liang, Mr. Mun Hoong Kit, Mr. Cheng Pe Yong, Mr. Chang Kok Siang, Ms. Lau Swee Lian, Mr. Tsung Kam Leung, Mr. Mok Hui Chiu , Mr. Wong Kam Tak, Mr. Ng Man Kin, Mr. Ho Ho Hei, Mr. Lo Man Kin, Mr. Wong Kam Kong, Mr. Cheong Kin Heong, Mr. Chin Kheng Haing, Ms. Teh Paik Yeok, Mr. Chong Sie Wee, Ms. Kang Chew Xin and Mr. Asrul Firshaq Bin Rasul.

The dedication & commitment, as well as the skill & experience of this group of individuals are the main contributory factors for ITSU World being able to achieve what it has set out to do – to establish itself as a world-class healthcare lifestyle brand in the global market. Most notably, our achievement includes our rapid expansion and ability to firmly-established its presence in the 3 countries.

ITSU World Group’s target is to open 500 ITSU Experience-Stores in 5 years in the entire Asia Pacific Region. ITSU World Group is honored to have Famous Hong Kong’s well-known and popular artist, Dicky Cheung as the ITSU brand ambassador for 2019.

“Our Vision is that each family will have at least one ITSU massage chair which will become a well-loved and indispensable part of the home, contributing to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for every member of the family. We are hopeful that our customers from different countries will have the opportunity to enjoy and reap the health benefits of ITSU’s massage chairs and our other products.

For more information, visit http://www.itsu.world

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